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Hyperpigmented Area Red After Hydroquinone Application

I was burnt around the mouth area about half a year ago. I was given a hydroquinone cream by my aesthetician. She said it might help with the... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Worsened Hyperpigmentation Above Upper Lip

I had microdermabrasion done last year & less than 8 hours later I bleached my upper lip with hair cream bleach for sensitive skin. Two months... READ MORE

Treatment of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation caused by Laser Hair Removal - Bikini and Vulva Area? (Photo)

I've have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation for six months following a laser hair removal session of my vulva and bikini area. Also, it's darkened... READ MORE

How to Treat Hyperpimentation from Sunburn?

I am a 25-year-old male and have a hyperpigmentation question. About a year ago, I ended up lying down in the sun and placed a towel over my head that... READ MORE

I need help for hyperpigmentatiom under my eyes. I have tried numerous creams including hydroquinone there is no effect. (Photo)

Please help with this hyperpigmentatin . I was not born with this . It began when I was scratching my eyes as a kid. It has been 20 Years and ir makes... READ MORE

Treatment for dermal hyperpigmentation as a result of Lichen Planus Pigmentosa?

I am looking for a top dermatologist that can treat my dark lesions as a result of Lichen Planus Pigmentation. I was treated with light therapy... READ MORE

How to Safely Eliminate Hyperpigmentation Between Inner Thigh & Vaginal Area for Bikini

I am an African American women in excellent health and shape Can anyone recommend safe products or treatments to lighten or quickly eliminate... READ MORE

Ultraquin (4% Hydroquinone Cream USP) or Tretinoin 0.025% Effective for Hyperpigmentation?

Which cream is more effective and faster in treating hyperpigmentation of the skin: Ultraquin (4% Hydroquinone Cream USP) or Stieva-A(Tretinoin 0... READ MORE

Discontinue Hydroquinone Use if Redness Occurs?

Use 4% hydroquinone on post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, caused by acne, has caused redness significantly more noticeable than the original marks.... READ MORE

Can I Use Hydroquinone Cream During the Day For My Dark Spots? (photo)

I am going to start using over-the-counter Nadinola 3% hydroquinone cream for my dark spots. Being that I currently use a 0.05% tretinoin cream at... READ MORE

African American Skin HELP!! What Treatment/Product Would You Recommend?

I have SEVERE skin discoloration in my bikini area, inner thighs and stomach. This skin discoloration has been a persistent problem for years. I... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation at both ends of lips extended to chin. Tried IPL, hydroquinone, what are my options?

Pigmentation showed up at 16 years of age.It was initially dark brown close to black. Then took IPL session then it got little lighter.In 2012,took... READ MORE

To Treat Hyperpigmentation, Do I Apply Hydroquinone and Tretinoin to the Entire Face or Specific Parts?

I have PIH and hyperpigmentation from acne. My doctor prescribed .05% Tretinoin cream and 4% Hydroquinone. Do I mix both creams and apply it only to... READ MORE

Is 8% Hydroquinone Safe to Use on Both Full Legs for a Long Period of Time?

I have extensive hyperpigmented scarring on both of my legs from years of shaving (my skin is super sensitive). I have used 4% hydroquinone for the... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Caused Broken Blood Vessels?

I was prescribed retin a and hydroquinone to get rid of brown spots on my forehead after 30% glycolic peel. After 5 mos brown spots faded but now Im... READ MORE

How to Treat Underarm Darkness in Asian Skin Type

I have tried hydroquinone + retinoic cream combinations on& off. They do seem to lighten the area, but after some time i feel it rebounds to... READ MORE

I treated hyperpigmentation on my penis with hydroquinone about 6 years ago. Now I have permanent nerve damage. Any Help?

I started developing hyperpigmented spots on my penis (many different places) in my teens. Took me a while to muster courage to see a doctor about it.... READ MORE

Is lytera as effective as hydroquinone 4% in treating post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

I read that lytera is just as effective as 4% hydroquinone. i had laser burns under my eye (to treat a bruise) and when i heal my dr suggested hq. i... READ MORE

Can Creams Containing Hydroquinone, Kojic and Glycolic Acid Be Used on Intimate Areas?

I have hyperpigmented intimate areas and i'm thinking of using Glytone fading lotion on them or peel them with glycolic acid, is this safe? READ MORE

What is a Good Bleaching Cream for Asian Dark Brown Skin to Clear Hyperpigmentation Spots?

Is hydorquinone the solution or are there other creams that are more effective. READ MORE

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