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What Can I Do to Reduce Hyperpigmentation?

I have one scar on the neck line, two scars on chest, and one scar on left upper labial. I had these scars for three months and two weeks. I been on... READ MORE

Any suggestions on PIH?

I applied dettol liquid on my cheek that causes it to burn. Then i put some silva sulfa and the healing process was fast. But then i noticed after a... READ MORE

Have petichia from radiation, how can I get rid of them?

Hate the bluish splotches on my breast. Had HBOT and now my skin is in much better condition, but I still have the petichia and hyperpigmentation that... READ MORE

Will this hyperpigmentation eventually go back to my normal skin colour? (Photo)

So in January I had a scab from a bra digging into my breast and then a scab formed. Then, in February the scab fell off and now I have a mark on each... READ MORE

How to treat post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

Last summer I burnt my leg with oil. Reddish stains appeared after when the wounds healed and they are not disappearing to this day. Doctors diagnosed... READ MORE

How do I get rid of big black spots caused by scabies? (photos)

Severe case of scabies. I could not help but scratch them until they bled. Upon healing, they left black spots all over my body READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation after chemical peel. How long will it take to heal? (Photo)

I did two chemical peels and now is left with dark pigmentation around the corners of lips. what to do and how long will it take to heal? READ MORE

I've had hyperpigmentation in my legs for years now. How can I heal it? (Photo)

For quite a years now i have this hyper-pigmentation in my legs doctors recommend me to get laser treatment but im scared that it will get worse is... READ MORE

Pimples on arm leaving hyperpigmentation - what is wrong with me?! (photo)

I keep getting these pimple like spots on my arm which eventually scab over then heal to leave these hyperpigmented spots. I never had skin issues in... READ MORE

Follow-up: Is my hyperpigmentation healing? If it is not, than can someone tell me how to treat it without laser. (photo)

I have hyperpigmentation from a scab that fell off. I am protecting it from the sun and always wear sunscreen when I leave the house. I am applying... READ MORE

What can heal redness from post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

I have a lot of little red marks on my skin from acne that I used to have. They aren't raised bumps, but they basically show me every place where I... READ MORE

Can you help me with my skin problem - I have this on my forehead like a dark map. (photos)

Hi doctors... Can you help me with my skin problem... I have this on my forehead like a dark map sometimes it turn red and dark brown color and when... READ MORE

I've a small black patch on my upper chin. The skin had peeled and healed. How do I get cured of that ?

The skin peeled because of winter weather is my assumption. I'm using aloe vera gel for the moment. Any idea how long it will take to get cured? READ MORE

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