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What Can I Do For Reddish Hyperpigmentation Due to Overuse of Glycolic 30%?

I spent months using a microdermabrasion cream on an old acne scar(nose) in combination with 30% glycolic blend. i likely did both too much.The scar... READ MORE

I have discoloration on my bottom lip. Can I use a hydroquinone cream or glycolic acid peel? (Photo)

My bottom lip is very discolored. I don't want to lighten my top lip, I'm fine with the way it is but I want my bottom lip to be the even brownish... READ MORE

What should I do to even my skin tone and reduce my PIH? Stop finacea? Incorporate glycolic acid? (Photos)

My acne is under control. But, my skin tone is uneven and I have marks from picking. I'm on finacea foam 15% twice a day and have just started using... READ MORE

What treatment should I get for hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I got hyperpigmented on my legs, hands and face because of staying under direct sun daily without sunscreen. Regular use of sunscreen helped legs and... READ MORE

Dark pigmentation on upper lip and chin. What is this and what might be the best treatment for it? (photos)

I used hair removal creams and skin lightening creams, which damaged and darkened the area further. The pictures don't pick up the intensity of... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Caused Broken Blood Vessels?

I was prescribed retin a and hydroquinone to get rid of brown spots on my forehead after 30% glycolic peel. After 5 mos brown spots faded but now Im... READ MORE

Can Creams Containing Hydroquinone, Kojic and Glycolic Acid Be Used on Intimate Areas?

I have hyperpigmented intimate areas and i'm thinking of using Glytone fading lotion on them or peel them with glycolic acid, is this safe? READ MORE

Why aren't my dark spots going away? (Photo)

I have REALLY horrible hyperpigmentation. I have been using tretinoin, hydroquinone 4% (both of which came from my dermatologist. I am on my 2nd tube... READ MORE

What is the permanent treatment for pigmentation? (Photo)

My mom got a treatment for pigmentation a year ago .She got a Glyco-Peel Treatment for 3 months each session after 2 weeks. The skin got cleared... READ MORE

Can Hydroquinone 2% mixed with kojic acid glycolic acid?

Okay so I have hyper pigmentation and and I wanted know if all three of these products together would lighten my skin 3 shades but without the side... READ MORE

Getting rid of mild hyperpigmentation. What are the options? (photos)

I have mild hyperpigmentation on a few areas on my face. Not bad, but I'd like to get rid of it. My Derm has me on .05 Tretinoin. I've had Glycolic... READ MORE

I have hyper pigmentation; what do I do? (Photos)

I use a face cleanser that contains glycolic acid plus sylicillic acid and I use vitamin c face serum and sunscreen by image skin care during d day... READ MORE

Is Kojic Acid (2%), Glycolic Acid (10%) and Arbutin (5%) safe for long term use? And is it as effective as hydroquinone 4%?

Hyperpigmentation? I'm planning on using hydroquinone for 4 months twice a day and then stopping. But I do not want my hyperpigmentation to come back... READ MORE

What kind of glycolic acid is best to use?

I have moderate Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and I was told by many that glycolic acid would remove the hyperpigmentation but I also seen that... READ MORE

How to treat Hyperpigmentation caused by lactic acid burn scars on African American skin? (Photos)

I've suffered from acne & hyperpigmentation since I was 13yrs old I'm 35 now. I started administered glycolic peels on myself in 2011 which came out... READ MORE

What will get rid of the dark pigmentation round my mouth area? (Photos)

Most online search results point to it being melasma. I wear SPF and haven't had any changes in diet. I tried Skinoren azelaic acid but it was too... READ MORE

Looking for treating hyperpigmentation

Hi, I have pigmented face and neck. Have tried the best possible treatments for 7-8 years now. I am suffering from hyperpigmentation where I have dark... READ MORE

These red marks on my skin are ruining my confidence, i asked a question before but nobody answered? (photos)

I asked a question before but nobody answered, its about these red marks appeared on my skin, im fed up, tried products for hyperpigmentation, but it... READ MORE

I have these red marks on my face, they weren't spots before; just appeared as these marks? (Photos)

Im fed up of these red marks on my face, they werent spots first, they just appeared into these red marks on my face. Iv'e tried so many products with... READ MORE

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