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Treatment to Remove Freckles?

I have lot of freckles on my face. I have used fading and removal creams but nothing helped. What can I do? READ MORE

Is there a cosmetic treatment to GET freckles on your nose?

I know, I know. most people want to get rid of freckles, but i have always loved them and think they are adorable. Just wondering if there's a... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for pigmentation caused by topical and stressed appearance?

I hope there is a dermatologist that can give advice.I was given tretinoin .5% and my skin has become not much better,it helped with a bump on my lip.... READ MORE

Best Treatment to Remove Freckles from Arms and Legs?

I have very fair skin and the freckles are very light brown but all over. I also have many dark moles on legs. READ MORE

Differin For Treating Hyper-pigmentation?

I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation. I freckle very easily. I always use sunscreen and stay out of the sun but still seem to pigment. Will differin 3%... READ MORE

What Are the Available Freckles Treatment in India?

I have freckles on my nose and cheeks. What kind of treatment do I have to undergo? I stay at Hyderabad, India. READ MORE

Sunburn Nose End Up with Freckles,how to Fade Them?

I was wondering my 3 year old got a sunburn on her nose a year ago,but after it started peeling off she was peeling the skin off all the time.By the... READ MORE

Which Treatment for Body Hyperpigmentation (Freckles) is Most Cost-effective/long-lasting?

I'm aware that several treatments are suitable for dense freckles covering the body (arms, shoulders, etc.), but they can vary widely in terms of... READ MORE

I have a cluster of 15 freckles in a 1cm area on my wrist. What causes such high concentration of freckles? (photo)

I have maybe 4 other freckles on my entire left arm. The cluster has seemed to grow in number of freckles at a steady rate over my lifetime. I have no... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation and white spots? (Photo)

I am a 41 year old woman. I've never had acne and I've always taken care of my skin, but I live in south Florida and I am naturally fair skinned. My... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to clear freckles? (photo)

Hi, I have patches of vitiligo around my eyes and some around the mouth. The areas around my eyes are very noticeable due to lots of freckles on the... READ MORE

Can these freckles on my cheeks and nose be removed. What procedure would be best? How much would it cost? (photo)

I am 38 yrs old and i would like to know if these freckles can be removed. I never had freckles when i was young it started around my 20's i guess... READ MORE

Does laser really get rid of hyperpigmentation, freckles, sun spots, brown spots?

Hi, I have tons of freckles and brown spots from growing up in the sunshine state its seems i am getting more and more especially on my legs and back.... READ MORE

Are purple peels a good skin treatment for pigmentation?

I have fair skin with heaps of freckles that I would love to lighten. I have had 3 pigmentation removal laser treatments but am looking for something... READ MORE

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