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What are some good ways/peels to get rid of hyperpigmentation?

I actually have a couple of places with more pigmentation. I have it in my inner thighs, corners of the mouth, underarms, and a little on my forehead... READ MORE

Can Hyperpigmentation be Treated with 100% Effectiveness?

I am from India . Within few years my facial skin has tanned enough . Its due to case of hyperpigmentaiton . My facial skin like my faorehead and... READ MORE

How can I get rid of P.I.H? (photos)

I had these for weeks and I have photos coming up. But I can't afford a lot of products. READ MORE

Pigmentation on face....What next after Hydroquinone?

I had bad pigmentation on my face last summer due to exposure to sun. I'm 33 female with an olive skin tone. I met with a dermatologist in London. He... READ MORE

Age spots

I am a 55 yo male with age spots on the forehead and temples. I am presently using off the counter creams that do not seem to be working very well.... READ MORE

Selsun Blue Shampoo for Dark Forehead Patch?

I have a dark patch on my forehead. I got it after vacationing in Maui. I have tried everything from laser treatments to skin lightening creams. The... READ MORE

Treatment for Brown Spots on Forehead and Back?

Growing up, my mom always told me not to pick at the bumps in my face, and I had to be hard-headed and did it anyway. Now, I have brown spots on my... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Caused Broken Blood Vessels?

I was prescribed retin a and hydroquinone to get rid of brown spots on my forehead after 30% glycolic peel. After 5 mos brown spots faded but now Im... READ MORE

Pigmentation I Developed 10 Years Ago on Cheeks and Forehead?

How do I get rid of pigmentation on my cheeks and my forehead? I have not always had them they developed ten years ago. They are not very dark but are... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for removing the hyper pigmentation on my forehead? (photo)

What are my options for removing the mark on my forehead without reoccurrence of pigmentation? READ MORE

Long-lasting Redness After Facial Dermatofibroma Excision?

I had a dermatofibroma removed from my forehead 8 months ago. The scar itself has healed satisfactorily, but I am unhappy about the redness... READ MORE

I have light black spots on my forehead, what is the best treatment? (photo)

I have consulted a few doctors but no results, being presentable is very important for my job so please help me .Flutopic skin oitnment and... READ MORE

Please can you assist me in finding a solution to getting my forehead colour back to my normal lighter skin colour? (Photo)

I'm not sure how it's gotten to this point but it looks terrible! And only recently did I really start to stop and think about. My skin colour in... READ MORE

Why aren't my dark spots going away? (Photo)

I have REALLY horrible hyperpigmentation. I have been using tretinoin, hydroquinone 4% (both of which came from my dermatologist. I am on my 2nd tube... READ MORE

I have a black spot on my forehead. I recently used spot cream and now it looks like a burn scar. What can I do? (Photo)

Really need help. I have black spot on my forehead thad rots my life, I recently used spot cream now it more ugly than before looke like burns scar. I... READ MORE

How to get rid of brown spots due to scabs

Well I had a 3 pimples on my face one on my nose and 2 on my forehead. when I picked them I noticed they didn't go away. They started to turn into a... READ MORE

I have this hyperpigmentation on my forehead. What can I do about it? (Photo)

It has been almost 5 years this has happened and i am the only one in my family and iam 18 years old. What can i do about it . Thank you READ MORE

How do you remove black spots from my forehead? They were made by scratching my pimples after they turned black. (photo)

So I just wanted to ask how to remove then in the amount of less than 3 weeks.They're medium-small circles.Very irritating,at the moment I'm using... READ MORE

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