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Severe Hyperpigmentation on Face and Neck

I have severe case of hyper-pigmentation, face and neck are dark (as if done extreme labor under sun)& very fair body makes me two person with two... READ MORE

Will Triluma Work for Dark Spots?

I am an African American young woman. My complexion is a carmel color and I'm wondering if Triluma will help get rid of the dark spots? READ MORE

How Can I Remove a Dark Spot from my Lower Legs?

I got a wound on my lower legs with a cutlass while working at the farm, since i was a 15years old, though i have not done anything to it except sport... READ MORE

Dark skin like a moustache under my nose (photo)

I am an asian girl of 23 years old..It has been long that i am having a black skin under my nose and it looks like a moustache shadow which annoys me... READ MORE

Is Hyperpigmentation Permanent After Cryosurgery?

I had some brown spots on my cheeks and after my dermatologist applied Nitrogen it looks now like a dark patches will this go away on its own or what... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from Laser Burns

I went in for Photorejuvenation with ipl on 4th of jan this year i got second degree burns and now after a month my skin is all pathy and... READ MORE

How to Safely Eliminate Hyperpigmentation Between Inner Thigh & Vaginal Area for Bikini

I am an African American women in excellent health and shape Can anyone recommend safe products or treatments to lighten or quickly eliminate... READ MORE

What's the best skin peel for my bikini area hyper pigmentation? (photo)

Im hispanic and scar easily. I have spots From razor burn on my bikini. I have all these brown spots left I've used hydroquinone 2% with little... READ MORE

Dark vagina and inner groin, please help? (Photo)

Well I got a embarrassing thing I'm 18 and I have like the darkest vagina and inner thighs. Since I'm young I have a very low self esteem. READ MORE

Bio-Oil for Dark Spots on Face and Legs?

I have a few dark spots on my face from hair bumps and some other marks on my legs. Will Bio-Oil help with these marks? I am a black female, if this... READ MORE

How to Remove Upper Lip Discoloration?

I am a female African American and I have a discoloration on my upper lip This discoloration looks like I have a mustache and it is really disturbing.... READ MORE

Dark Pigmentation Spots on Lip? (photo)

About one year ago, I started getting dark pigmentation spots on my bottom lip only and I feel like it has spread and became darker. Is this a medical... READ MORE

Indian w/dark spots all over my face and dark patches around my mouth and chin: What options do I have to remove? (Photo)

I have darker Indian skin (probably Type 4 or 5) with blotches and dark ares/spots. My face is also much darker than my neck. What can I do to get rid... READ MORE

What Laser or Alternative Treatments Should I Consider to Address Hyperpigmentation on Lips?

I'm a 20 year old African American female. I am healthy no serious medical problems except allergies. I incurred this scar on the right side of... READ MORE

What is causing my hyperpigmentation on inner thighs, one buttock, & above one ankle? What can I do to prevent/treat it? (Photo)

Patches have no texture, do not itch / cause pain. I’m a 24 yo Asian female who exercises regularly. I have ruled out these causes: (1) friction, s... READ MORE

Best Treatment to Remove Freckles from Arms and Legs?

I have very fair skin and the freckles are very light brown but all over. I also have many dark moles on legs. READ MORE

Available Cream in India for Hyperpigmentation?

I'm a 35 -year-old Indian lady suffering from hyperpigmentation in the past 4 years. I used some cream prescribed by a dermatologist, but of no use.... READ MORE

I Had Q-switch Laser Done While Tan and Now Have Hyperpigmentation.How Do I Get Rid of It?

I went to Florida 4 weeks prior to my treatment but still had a healthy glow tan (not dark) when I had the treatment one week ago. Now I look worse... READ MORE

PIH and Slight Melasma Treatment for Asian Skin?

I am Chinese American and have PIH from many years of acne as well as slight melasma. Since Asian skin is so sensitive, how can I even out my skin... READ MORE

Can Sun Exposure While on Tretinoin Cause Permanent Hyperpigmentation?

Hello, 9 months ago I had a full day of unprotected sun exposure while on Tretinoin 0.05%. I'm afraid I became permanently hyperpigmented since... READ MORE

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