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Treatment for Dark Pigmentation Around Eyes?

Hi, this is a question about darkness around the eye area. It is hereditary. I don't mean dark circles necessarily, but the area between the eye... READ MORE

Black marks at the side of my eye. Pigment change? (photo)

Every now and then I have black marks at the side of my eye it looks like pigment change how can I remove this? READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation Caused by Trauma?

I'm African American and 15 yrs ago, I was in a car accident with trauma to the head. As I healed, the blood pooled around my eye area, leaving me... READ MORE

Hypermigmentation on forehead, chin, under eyes and upper sides of the nose. What are my options?

Hey m 24 yr old female. and my suffering from dark forehead chin and the area at the inner corner of the eyes and nose.. it's not too much dark but... READ MORE

Any suggestions for dark pigmentation around my eyes? (photos)

Could you please help me get rid of the dark pigmentation around my eyes. It around my eyes aswell as on my nose. Please help. READ MORE

What Are the Options to Remove Dark Spots?

I am 24 years old and have brown spots around my eyes what are my safe options to remove them? and is the laser a safe option or it can cause burns?... READ MORE

I have hyperpigmentation in the inner corners of my eyes. What are my options to permanently remove them?

Hello I have hyperpigmentation in the inner corners of my eyes most probably caused by skin lightening products in the past, what are my options to... READ MORE

Is an Ablative Laser Procedure a Possible Treatment for Hyperpigmentation Around the Eyes? (photo)

The hyperpigmentation is visible under the Eyes and on the lids. Not hereditary, or from blood vessels, just too much fun In the sun. Fraxel procedure... READ MORE

Pigmentation occur near eye area and both side of the face. Any suggestions? (photos)

When i use hydroquirine cream for skin lightning ....awhen i expose in sun light then after some days pigmentation occur . READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation after Hetter peel? (Photos)

I am 30 post phenol croton oil peel. I have developed unattractive pigment around my eyes and mouth. My Dr has prescribed HQ cream 1/2 strength to be... READ MORE

How can I correct PIH around the eyes caused by the use of lightening creams that contains either steroids or HQ?

I've been searching for the right product that can help remove these dark circles. I have a african/west indies skin complexion? READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation around ethnic eyes nose; what should I do? (Photo)

I'm a black female who has had this scarring for probable 4-8 years or so. It's in the corners of my eye (where eyeglasses eye pads go). I haven't... READ MORE

Pigmentation around eyes and forehead

Hi, I am asian having circular pigmentation around eyes and near nose. I also have dark patches on forehead. I have taken many treatments like... READ MORE

What is least invasive treatment/treatments I can have for a more youthful, natural appearance? (photos)

I am a 44 y/o female. I want to correct hyperpigmentation, wrinkles around eyes, the fat on my eyelids and treat my adult onset acne. READ MORE

How do I get rid of the hyperpigmentation around my eyes and over my eyelid?

I belive this hyperpigmentation is caused by :spending three years in a hot country without any protection from the sun.This had only bothered me... READ MORE

According to Raipur doctor's they say it hyper pigmentation . What should I do?

My face has hyper pigmentation around eyes till cheeks..what should i do? READ MORE

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