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Can Hyperpigentation Caused by Diode Laser Be Treated with IPL?

I have had three laser treatments on my nose to get rid of veins. The first two treatments were successful, the other was only two weeks after my last... READ MORE

Would the Spectra Laser be effective for hyperpigmentation on African American skin?

I have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my jawline and neck from years of plucking ingrown hairs related to elevated testosterone levels. I have since... READ MORE

Is Dermamelan Safe for Groin Area?

Does hyperpigmentation become worse after some time due to it? READ MORE

Ultraquin (4% Hydroquinone Cream USP) or Tretinoin 0.025% Effective for Hyperpigmentation?

Which cream is more effective and faster in treating hyperpigmentation of the skin: Ultraquin (4% Hydroquinone Cream USP) or Stieva-A(Tretinoin 0... READ MORE

Melblok Hyperpigmentation Treatment Programme In New Delhi? Should I Go to It?

I just read about Melblok Treatment programme for Hyperpigmentation . They have thier own products and treatment regime. They claim to be established... READ MORE

What is the Safe and Effective Treatment of Hyperpigmented Skin (Labia Majora)?

What is the Safe and Effective Treatment of Hyperpigmented Skin (Labia Majora)? READ MORE

What are the most effective treatment options for Hyperpigmentation/Melasma on olive skin? (Photo)

I am using Hydroquinone 6% every night to lighten dark spots. I was wondering if Halo Hybrid Laser or Clear & Brilliant are good options for me to... READ MORE

Which Treatment for Body Hyperpigmentation (Freckles) is Most Cost-effective/long-lasting?

I'm aware that several treatments are suitable for dense freckles covering the body (arms, shoulders, etc.), but they can vary widely in terms of... READ MORE

Is there a very effective treatment to get rid of hyperpigmentation on outter thigh area?

I started off with a small brown spot when I was about 11 and it continually spread, I know for sure that it was caused from sun exposure I know this... READ MORE

Is Kojic Acid (2%), Glycolic Acid (10%) and Arbutin (5%) safe for long term use? And is it as effective as hydroquinone 4%?

Hyperpigmentation? I'm planning on using hydroquinone for 4 months twice a day and then stopping. But I do not want my hyperpigmentation to come back... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Hyperpigmentation African American teen? (photos)

I have had hyperpigmentation from PIH for about a year a wanted to know the most inexpensive way to treat it and the duration it would take? Also are... READ MORE

Would I still have to use Cosmelan forever to treat Hyperpigmentation if I have no melasma?

I've read that Cosmelan is a safe and highly effective at treating hyperpigmentation. Since I have had a bad experience with a TCA peel and don't want... READ MORE

Does hydroquinone or non hydroquinone work better on hyperpigmentation?

My hyperpigmentation are from a disease called nodular prurigo and I was wondering which cream will work better to treat old and new hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

What is/are the most effective treatment(s) to erase old, persistent, dark, acne post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have many superficial brown spots on my face & jaw/neck, residuals of my ongoing battle with adult acne. They're not pitted nor raised. I've tried,... READ MORE

I have hyperpigmentation on my neck and I want to get rid of that. (Photo)

Suggest me an effective treatment that can give me results and not some waste brightening creams... even if it is a cream it should give excellent... READ MORE

What are some effective treatments for hyperpigmentation caused by acne and dermatitis? (Photo)

I had a terrible breakout a few weeks ago for seemingly no reason after being placed on hydroquinone 4% and retin-A 0.3% for hyperpigmentation and... READ MORE

For hyperpigmentation alone, what products part of the Obagi Nu Derm System should I buy? (Photos)

I want to try out the Obagi Nu Derm System but i definitely cannot afford the whole set. The issue i really want to deal with is more... READ MORE

Is tyrostat effective for PIH?

I am currently on adapalene .01 gel in microsphere. On the 5th week, previous acne has left me with PIH but i still get some pimples now. Derm... READ MORE

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