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Dark discoloration in mouth area? (Photo)

I woke up one day with a dark ring under my mouth (shown in the picture). I have unsuccessfully been trying to lighten the mark using aloe Vera. I... READ MORE

How to cure bikini area discoloration? (Photo)

I went to my esthetist to remove bikini hair.i got very red and now after one week i have a darker skin all over my bikini area.looks like burnt.she... READ MORE

What treatment would be best for hyperpigmentation on ethnic skin? (photos)

I havr hyperpigmentation on my cheek and discoloration around my mouth. Im trying to see what treatment would remove the spot on my cheek and the... READ MORE

Dark discoloration between breasts. What could it be and how to treat it? (Photo)

Hello. I have noticed this dark discoloration between my breasts within the last year. I tend to sweat when working out. I was wondering what it could... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Cortisone Induced Atrophy and Discoloration?

I received a cortisone injection for a cystic pimple on my chin four days ago. I have noticed a slight indentation and discoloration where the... READ MORE

Will bleaching, whitening creams and/or soaps help with Lichen striatus? (Photo)

My doctor recently diagnosed me with Lichen striatus. On certain areas such as my legs, there are dark pigments. Will bleaching, whitening creams... READ MORE

How can I get rid/remove of my hyperpigmentation? (photos)

I had really bad acne in high school but now that it has gone away . I want to treat my discoloration now. READ MORE

How to Remove Upper Lip Discoloration?

I am a female African American and I have a discoloration on my upper lip This discoloration looks like I have a mustache and it is really disturbing.... READ MORE

Discolored Patches All Over Body - What Do I Have?

Hello! Discolored patches not really white under the right armpit, near the elbow, penis, a light patch around a mole on my right shoulder, on my... READ MORE

How to Treat Morphea Discoloration?

I had a biopsy and it turns out that I have Morphea. Do you know of any cures, medications, home remedies, ANYTHING that I can use to take the... READ MORE

Could This Be Dead Skin or Something More Serious?

I have a strange discoloration over the entire part of my face, and have dealt with this problem for sometime now. I am not sure what it is or what... READ MORE

Can this be treated? Is this common for teens? (Photo)

It starts from my shoulder to my elbow. It is not my whole entire arm. I've had these dis colored patches for about 3 years. READ MORE

How can I get rid of skin discoloration?

I have hyperpigmentation/Discoloration around my mouth area. How can i get rid of it? My doctor gave me 1% Hydrocortisone but ive read too many... READ MORE

Is Face/body/skin Peeling Retinoic Acid Peels 10% Solution Safe to Use? (photo)

I have severe discoloration on the area between my eyebrows, and my inner thighs/bikini line area and stomach and am becoming quite desperate for some... READ MORE

How to Improve the Color on my Neck?

Iam suffering from thyroid and pcod. neck and part of my face became black and it is looking odd. i live in india. can u suggest me what treatment or... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the huge white spot I got after peeling, because of sunburn? (Photo)

I went on vacation and I got sunburn. I have never peeled before. I peeled on both of my shoulders a lot. I moisturized a lot every day after It... READ MORE

What is a safe treatment for hyper pigmentation and discolouration?

I am darker on my back, bum, elbows, knees, knukles and I also dark spots on my face. I have heard Kojic acid soap/cream would be good for this. Also... READ MORE

Treatment for Darkened Area After Eyelid Surgery?

I'm 24 years old. What should I do about heavy darkness left from blepharoplasty? Recently, I had transconjunctival blepharoplasty to remove genetic... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know What is the Best Treatment for my Scars and Lip Problem?

I am 26 yrs old.i have dark circles for past 8 years and icepick and boxscars on the cheecks.there is deep pigmentation in my cheecks and chin .and... READ MORE

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