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Does Fraxel Work for Hyperpigmented African American Skin?

When I was a teen I squeezed every pimple that I had. The results of that was dark spots on my chin and forehead. Will Fraxel help these acne scar... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dark Spot on Chin?

I have this dark spot on my chin. I have used some over the counter rash medication on it and it would usually dry up and just "peel" off.... READ MORE

PIH on Chin and Skin Above Upper Lip

Hi,i have pih on my chin and the skin above my upper lip.the skin at these 2 parts of my face is really dark. and they look really awful especially in... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Cortisone Induced Atrophy and Discoloration?

I received a cortisone injection for a cystic pimple on my chin four days ago. I have noticed a slight indentation and discoloration where the... READ MORE

I have redness and hyperpigmentation. It is in small spots all over. How can I get rid of them, and prevent them? (Photo)

I have some small little dark spots over my cheeks and chin that started showing up over the past year. I am 28, and have always been in the sun most... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation on chin, home treatments? (Photo)

Hi, I'm Asian and I developed this hyperpigmentation on my chin around 26 year old. I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed me some cream (blue... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation on Chin from Tweezing Hair?

I am a 52 year old female with severe discoloration on my chin from years of tweezing hair. I have tried Electrolysis, lasers, bleach, creams, nothing... READ MORE

Dark pigmentation on upper lip and chin. What is this and what might be the best treatment for it? (photos)

I used hair removal creams and skin lightening creams, which damaged and darkened the area further. The pictures don't pick up the intensity of... READ MORE

Indian w/dark spots all over my face and dark patches around my mouth and chin: What options do I have to remove? (Photo)

I have darker Indian skin (probably Type 4 or 5) with blotches and dark ares/spots. My face is also much darker than my neck. What can I do to get rid... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation at both ends of lips extended to chin. Tried IPL, hydroquinone, what are my options?

Pigmentation showed up at 16 years of age.It was initially dark brown close to black. Then took IPL session then it got little lighter.In 2012,took... READ MORE

I have darker skin on my chin. Almost looks like a 5 oclock shadow. I have never shaved my chin. Why is this happening?

-Why is the skin darker on my chin? -How can I minimize the embarrassing look of the dark shadow? -I have also had an increase of dark chin hairs. Is... READ MORE

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or Persistent Erythema?

I had some sort of infection on my chin in February, treated with desonide, ketoconazole, and various antibiotics. My face was extremely red for a... READ MORE

What Treatment Works Best for Hyperpigmentation Not Associated with Rosacea?

I am mex/irish decent, and have very fair skin on my body. It's red from jawline to hairline and is worst on my cheeks/chin, It seems to vary in... READ MORE

Can I Remove This Dark Layer on my Chin Resulted from Shaving Cream I Used Only One Day? (photo)

I only used a cream once for shaving beards and the skin irritated and became so dark as can be seen in the profile photo, i want to know if i can get... READ MORE

Underskin pimple popped and left a big wound like dark spot after recovery, how long will it take for this to fade away? (photo)

Hello doctor, 3 weeks ago i scratched this underskin pimple on my chin, water kept coming out and, to make it worse i put hand morning it... READ MORE

I am a working woman and have to go out regularly. A few days ago my upper lip and chin got hyperpigmented

Hello doctor I have severe hyper pigmentation on my upper lip n chin causing threat to my work n around my family I wanna permenant solution for it as... READ MORE

Advice for Clearing Up Red Patches on Face

Have developed a couple red "patches" between my mouth and chin. Possibly started as post-acne blemishes? Sometimes more prominent than... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation under my chin caused by a prescription from a dermatologist that burned my skin and left it dark on my face.

I went to a dermatologist that prescribed me something for chin hair removal but instead it burned my chin and left me dark scar under my chin .I have... READ MORE

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