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Hyperpigmentation from Laser Burns

I went in for Photorejuvenation with ipl on 4th of jan this year i got second degree burns and now after a month my skin is all pathy and... READ MORE

How long would it take for these hyper pigmentation scars to fade on their own without any treatment?

I went ice skating one day and the ice skates burned my legs, so I didn't do any treatment after and they left scabs and once they fell off they left... READ MORE

Any suggestions on PIH?

I applied dettol liquid on my cheek that causes it to burn. Then i put some silva sulfa and the healing process was fast. But then i noticed after a... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation Due to Second Degree Burn?

I will appreciate any feedback on this. I got scalding/second degree burn from hot liquid, on my chest and arms. Its been nearly 4 weeks now and the... READ MORE

Is It True That There's No Treatment for Red/Brown Skin Discolorations on the Body?

Today a dermatologist said to me that there's no treatment for skin discolorations on the body, only on the face because the skin here is... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Facial Burn Caused by Bleach?

My sister has done something very stupid and used bleach to remove brown skin damage on her face. This was only a few days ago and she's had... READ MORE

What is Best Treatment of Hyperpigmentation After a Burn?

I am 27years old woman .i burn whith hot water about 3 mounth ago and now i have hyperpigmantation in my leg READ MORE

Is this pigmentation from a burn permanent? (Photo)

I burned myself 2 years ago and I am trying to fade the hyperpigmentation. The burn blistered when I got it. My derm told me its just pugmentationnas... READ MORE

Is lytera as effective as hydroquinone 4% in treating post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

I read that lytera is just as effective as 4% hydroquinone. i had laser burns under my eye (to treat a bruise) and when i heal my dr suggested hq. i... READ MORE

Removing Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) left two months after laser burn.

I had a bruise under the eye. dr treated with bbl and burned me (i had a couple of blisters). has been three months and i still have brown... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation under my chin caused by a prescription from a dermatologist that burned my skin and left it dark on my face.

I went to a dermatologist that prescribed me something for chin hair removal but instead it burned my chin and left me dark scar under my chin .I have... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation from Benzodioxide?

I had little acne mark. A doctor gave me Benzodioxide (spelling?) which severly burned my face and left me with dark brown to black patches all over... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from wearing glasses and burn. Any suggestions? (photos)

I been wearing glasses for over 10 years which cause my nose to be really dark from the rest of my face. I also had second degree burn on my nose and... READ MORE

My skin was burned. I have hyperpigmentation. What can I do next? PRP? Bleaching cream? (Photo)

First laser was made in february 2016. I live in Moscow. i made it in Moscow. I need some real answer. How my skin Will be ? How can I get back to my... READ MORE

Got a burn from Hydroquinone after two applications to lighten a dark spot on the forehead. Is this exogenous ochronosis?

I applied Hydroquinone 2% twice before I got a burn on my forehead which left a dark skin patch. I stopped using HQ for three months and I used it... READ MORE

Is there any cream/treatment for after care for when you burn your hand and the skin changes colour?

My sister is 5 years old-it happened 3 years ago,Its much darker than her skin colour, and the actual colour is really light brown.and Im looking for... READ MORE

How to treat post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

Last summer I burnt my leg with oil. Reddish stains appeared after when the wounds healed and they are not disappearing to this day. Doctors diagnosed... READ MORE

I have a problem with my cheeks. They look burnt. (Photo)

Looks like burnt on cheeks,,I have concerned many doctors over the years and used many creams but all was in vain.I have used creams like... READ MORE

Laser for IPL burn under the eye. Can I use Medlite for the PIH? If so, when? I can't live with a perennial dark circle.

Hi, my dr used ipl or bbl on a very black bruise and burned me. two weeks later i am left with pih and it looks like i have been punched. i am using... READ MORE

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