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What is the best way to remove severe dark spots from bikini, thigh & buttocks area? (photos)

I have been shaving for the past 10 years & here are my results due to ingrown hairs and razor bumps. For the past month, I have been getting the... READ MORE

How to cure bikini area discoloration? (Photo)

I went to my esthetist to remove bikini hair.i got very red and now after one week i have a darker skin all over my bikini area.looks like burnt.she... READ MORE

Treatment of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation caused by Laser Hair Removal - Bikini and Vulva Area? (Photo)

I've have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation for six months following a laser hair removal session of my vulva and bikini area. Also, it's darkened... READ MORE

What's the best skin peel for my bikini area hyper pigmentation? (photo)

Im hispanic and scar easily. I have spots From razor burn on my bikini. I have all these brown spots left I've used hydroquinone 2% with little... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Bikini Line?

Hi! My bikini line until my buttocks fold is dark and I am always shy to wear bikinis even if I want to. Could you please tell me why the bikini line... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation on the Body?

Unfortunately I suffer from Folliculitis on my buttocks/thigh/bikini line. I'm currently receiving laser hair removal as a treatment and it is... READ MORE

African American Skin HELP!! What Treatment/Product Would You Recommend?

I have SEVERE skin discoloration in my bikini area, inner thighs and stomach. This skin discoloration has been a persistent problem for years. I... READ MORE

Can I Have Ingrown Pubic Hair Dark Marks Cut Away?

Hello Doctors, For years I've struggled with pigmented marks from shaving as well as ingrown hairs in my bikini area. Does a surgery exist that will... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from Ingrown Hairs?

I'm prone to infected ingrown hairs in the bikini area. It got to the point that my OBGYN finally wrote me a low prescription for tretinoin. I only... READ MORE

Bad hyperpigmentation on bikini area?

I've been plucking my pubic hairs since I was little, and stupidly picked at the ingrowns for a long time. I hate how my pubic area looks and I went... READ MORE

What are the unknown dark pigmented patches around bikini area?

Noticed these darker patches only around the top surrounding my bikini area (started in Oct) & was wondering what they might be. I don't have any... READ MORE

I have dark pigmentation between my thighs and bikini line. Will the melarase pm cream and melapads work for my issue?

Also when should I use the melapads? Do I use the pads prior to the cream or by itself at a different time? I'm not sure if the cream should be... READ MORE

How can I get rid of discoloration and ingrown hair spots around bikini line? (Photo)

I am a African American female and I am having horrible skin issues around my bikini line. It started about 3 years ago when I began getting brazilian... READ MORE

What is happening to my bikini line? Discoloration and irritation after waxing? (photo)

I got a brazilian wax (sugaring) a week ago. I've done this before and while my skin is very sensitive, it calms down within a few days. This time it... READ MORE

How can I get rid of hyperpigmentation in my bikini area (caused by laser hair removal)? (would glutathione help)?

Hello, i've had laser hair removal (4 sessions). The first two went well and my skin was white/clear. However, after the 3rd session i noticed that... READ MORE

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