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How to Treat Hyperpimentation from Sunburn?

I am a 25-year-old male and have a hyperpigmentation question. About a year ago, I ended up lying down in the sun and placed a towel over my head that... READ MORE

My back and butt is 7-8 shades darker than chest and face. Anything better than peels or microderm that can help lighten?

I have previously taken peels and microdermabrasion at a dermatologist clinic,i could see slight difference but nothing major..Anything better than... READ MORE

I have growth of darkish black spots on arms and back. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hi,I've these black spots over the upper part of my back & sides of my arm. I believe these are pigmentation marks. My dermat says it's hereditary/... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get rid of my post acne hyperpigmentation on the chest, shoulders, and back in ways other than "time"?

I'm a 20 year old black female, with shoulder, chest, and back acne hyper-pigmentation, a lot of which dates back years. I visited a dermatologist 3-4... READ MORE

Fraxel on the It Worth It?

I am 21 year old african-american..I'm looking to receive fraxel treatment for hyperpigmentation on my back. Will I see good results with this?... READ MORE

Pigmentation query. Please help me out with suggestions.

Hi , im 26 yrs old suffering from pigmentation on front n back side of the neck. Front part of is light brown whereas back side is worst darkest brown... READ MORE

Treatment for Brown Spots on Forehead and Back?

Growing up, my mom always told me not to pick at the bumps in my face, and I had to be hard-headed and did it anyway. Now, I have brown spots on my... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Around Tailbone of Buttock?

I have a discoloration around the tailbone my my buttock. I'm a male. Could the discoloration be from buttock hair? I've tried pigmentation creams and... READ MORE

Can you tell me what is on my skin? (photos)

Since the age of 9, I've had issues with dark black spots mutating around my neck area down and upwards. On my face it varies but it has gotten worse... READ MORE

Dermamelan Cream with Roaccutane

I have develped hyper-pigmentaiton in my body after wrong fractional laser procedure done on my back. Doctor prescribed Dermamelan cream claimeding... READ MORE

How to Remove Seborrheic Keratosis Without Hyperpigmentation?

I had lots of SK's removed on my stomach, back and neck by my derm last summer using liquid nitrogen in a spray gun. The larger SK's are gone,... READ MORE

What is a safe treatment for hyper pigmentation and discolouration?

I am darker on my back, bum, elbows, knees, knukles and I also dark spots on my face. I have heard Kojic acid soap/cream would be good for this. Also... READ MORE

Is There a Treatment for Back Pigmentation?

My back is much darker than the rest of my body. Ive tried bleaching, it helped, but didn't solve the problem. My doctor said that there is no... READ MORE

I want to know how I can permanently remove this hyperpigmentation on my stomach and back? (Photo)

Please help me figure out if this is a birth mark, severe hyperpigmentation and what I can do to remove it? READ MORE

How to remove dark spots in my back? (photos)

I got dark spots in my back after being out in the sun for long time during vacation in the beach. At first i thought it is sunburn that will soon get... READ MORE

Biopsy report. I need treatment for hyperpigmented patches on left breast extending under axillary and entire back (Phoo)

The one over my left breast extending to side under axilla a little to the back happened one year ago. It started off as itchy spot on my left breast... READ MORE

Hi, I would just like to know what these spots on my back are? (photos)

Hi, I am a 35 year old and I started getting these spots on my back and they spread across my whole back and are making their way to my arms. Please... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation left after lichen planus

I am 22 and was diagnosed with lichen planus 3 years ago. The itchy rash has gone but it has left scars behind which covers my entire back and stomach... READ MORE

Treatment for hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation? (photos)

I have hyper pigmentation on my lower back and hypo pigmentation on my abdomen. I have been using a 40% glycolic acid peel once a month on my face for... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to remove hyperpigmentation from the skin of an African American female? (Photo)

I have hyperpigmentation (or at least I believe) all around my jawline and onto my beck. I acquired this about 5-7 years ago when I tried shaving with... READ MORE

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