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Hyperpigmentation Not Going Away After 14 Months of Treatment

This has been an emotional roller coaster for me. At first I was very hopeful, but now after trying everything possible I feel so hopeless. I know why... READ MORE

Fraxel on the It Worth It?

I am 21 year old african-american..I'm looking to receive fraxel treatment for hyperpigmentation on my back. Will I see good results with this?... READ MORE

Is lytera as effective as hydroquinone 4% in treating post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

I read that lytera is just as effective as 4% hydroquinone. i had laser burns under my eye (to treat a bruise) and when i heal my dr suggested hq. i... READ MORE

Discoloration/ Hyper Pigmentation on my Nose. (photo)

Hello Doctor, i have a discolured or uneven circle or pigmentation around my nose, it really annoying, i am not really sure what it was, but i was... READ MORE

I Am Trying to Get Rid of Some Very Stubborn Hyperpigmentation on my Upper Arm Without Success?

Have had about 4 IPL treatments which did nothing, then had a few laser treatements (note sure what kind of lasers). The laser doctor has had success... READ MORE

What is the Best Peel for my Skin Type? I Am Pakistani With Hyperpigmentation (photo)

I've struggled w/ hyperpigmentation and feel a peel would be good for dark spots on my face.My ethnicity is Pakistani, so I have "olive"... READ MORE

Can Carac Cream Be Used to Differentiate Pre-cancerous Brown Spots from Other Brown Spots on my Face?

My dermatologist wants me to use cream 2X day for 2-4 weeks then will use liquid nitrogen to remove remaining spots. I have tons of brown spots on my... READ MORE

Is There a Treatment for Back Pigmentation?

My back is much darker than the rest of my body. Ive tried bleaching, it helped, but didn't solve the problem. My doctor said that there is no... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment to remove the hyperpigmentation on my buttocks?

I use to get boils on my buttocks and now they have left hyperpigmentation marks and I have tried whitening creams and also a cream name Meladerm... READ MORE

Whats the Most Effective Way to Treat Hyper Pigmentation Without Lasers?

I have some hyper pigmentation on my chest. Nothing drastic but still bothersome. What effective topical treatments would you recommend? READ MORE

Follow-up: Is my hyperpigmentation healing? If it is not, than can someone tell me how to treat it without laser. (photo)

I have hyperpigmentation from a scab that fell off. I am protecting it from the sun and always wear sunscreen when I leave the house. I am applying... READ MORE

What was the name of the injection medication dermatologists use to give to fade hyperpigmentation?

Many years ago, dermatologists would give patients with severe hyperpigmentation one injection that would slowly fade dark spots any place on the body... READ MORE

I have pigmentation. Please suggest any way to get rid of it except laser treatment? (photo)

I have pigmentation. I used lots of creams but nothing improved. Please help READ MORE

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