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Does Fraxel Work for Hyperpigmented African American Skin?

When I was a teen I squeezed every pimple that I had. The results of that was dark spots on my chin and forehead. Will Fraxel help these acne scar... READ MORE

Will Triluma Work for Dark Spots?

I am an African American young woman. My complexion is a carmel color and I'm wondering if Triluma will help get rid of the dark spots? READ MORE

Fraxel on the It Worth It?

I am 21 year old african-american..I'm looking to receive fraxel treatment for hyperpigmentation on my back. Will I see good results with this?... READ MORE

Would the Spectra Laser be effective for hyperpigmentation on African American skin?

I have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my jawline and neck from years of plucking ingrown hairs related to elevated testosterone levels. I have since... READ MORE

Bio-Oil for Dark Spots on Face and Legs?

I have a few dark spots on my face from hair bumps and some other marks on my legs. Will Bio-Oil help with these marks? I am a black female, if this... READ MORE

How to Treat African American Dark Lips?

I'm African American. I have dark lips from smoking. Also, I have a pinkish color on my lower lip.How can I get my lips to the original color? Is... READ MORE

How to Remove Upper Lip Discoloration?

I am a female African American and I have a discoloration on my upper lip This discoloration looks like I have a mustache and it is really disturbing.... READ MORE

What Laser or Alternative Treatments Should I Consider to Address Hyperpigmentation on Lips?

I'm a 20 year old African American female. I am healthy no serious medical problems except allergies. I incurred this scar on the right side of... READ MORE

African American Skin HELP!! What Treatment/Product Would You Recommend?

I have SEVERE skin discoloration in my bikini area, inner thighs and stomach. This skin discoloration has been a persistent problem for years. I... READ MORE

Procedure for Dark Lips?

I'm a non-smoking African American, and my lips are getting darker. Is there a way to get the natural color of my lips back naturally or with medication? READ MORE

Recommended Hyperpigmentation Products for African American Skin?

What would be a good product to use for hyperpigmentation on the face?   READ MORE

What to Do for Hyperpigmented Fingers?

The fingers on my right hand have BAD hyperpigmentation. I have tried 4% hQ with no results,if anything my fingers got darker, they now look like two... READ MORE

I am African American. How do I treat Hyperpigmentation around my mouth, would chemical peels be a good idea?

Again, I am African American and medium skin toned. I don't have an issue with acne, but My skin Is a few shades darker around my mouth. How should I... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Hyperpigmentation on African American Skin?

I got a weird rash on my leg last year and it left a dark pigment. I am a dark skinned African-American and this pigment is several shades darker than... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmentation Caused by Trauma?

I'm African American and 15 yrs ago, I was in a car accident with trauma to the head. As I healed, the blood pooled around my eye area, leaving me... READ MORE

Specific Ingredients in Skin Lightening Lotions

I am African American and my skin tone is overall brownish tan. Due to excessive sun exposure, the skin on my face, neck, and arms became somewhat... READ MORE

African American With Hyperpigmentation on Knees, What Can I Do?

I am medium toned African American with two stubborn hyperpigmentation spots on both knees from a fall when I was a child. I've tried... READ MORE

Tiny Dots on my Legs

I've Never Tried Anything Except Exfoliating. I'm also African American and brown skin so they really show. How can I get them off? READ MORE

How can I fix discoloration from putting rubbing alcohol on my face? (photo)

I put rubbing alcohol on my face and now I have discoloration bad. Please help! READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation under my chin caused by a prescription from a dermatologist that burned my skin and left it dark on my face.

I went to a dermatologist that prescribed me something for chin hair removal but instead it burned my chin and left me dark scar under my chin .I have... READ MORE

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