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Botox Side Effects Injecting Hands, Sweaty Palms?

What are the side effects possible from getting botox for sweaty palms / hands? READ MORE

Swollen and Aching Legs After Botox on Feet

I had Botox on feet for sweating, and since then, my legs and knees have felt swollen, aching, and are a little stiff. Is this normal? I had the... READ MORE

What are the side effects of Zero sweat?

Hello, I have read about zero sweat(STOP EXCESSIVE SWEATING) and actually I am worry to use it. My underarms are sweating almost all the time and I... READ MORE

Is Botox under your arms safe and what will it do to the rest of your body?

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis and get Botox under your arms will you sweat more in other places and is it bad for you to stop yourself from... READ MORE

If you address potential treatments for Hyperhidrosis and side effects of ETS it would be greatly appreciated.

I've had palmar and plantar HH since about age 15, now 37 and still impacts many areas of my life. While my case is not as severe as others I've read... READ MORE

i am going to get my tablets for really bad sweaty hands and feet next week can you please tell me the side effects

My hands and feet get really sweaty every second. ive had this problem since i was little and its so annoying and finally i have spoke to my gp who... READ MORE

Do you recommend Oxybutynin for the treatment of hyperhidrosis?

Does this medication causes drowziness and other kind of cognitive side effect? READ MORE

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