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Cost of Botox for Hyperhidrosis of Hands and Feet?

The total cost of Botox for hands and feet? I'm considering Botox to treat my hyperhidrosis,how much will it cost if i'll have it for my both... READ MORE

What would cause excessive foot sweating with no prior history?

For about a week I have noticed my feet are sweating a lot. When I take me shoes off my socks are soaked. This is not normal for me at all and it is... READ MORE

Botox to Eliminate Sweaty Feet?

My General Practicioner has a separate clinic where she does Botox. I have been approved by my insurance company for the procedure. I am a little... READ MORE

Dysport for Hyperhidrosis or Visit a Dermatologist?

I believe I suffer from hyperhidrosis in my armpits, hands, and feet. Should I visit a dermatologist or go ahead and try Dysport? READ MORE

Is It Okay to Undergo Botox in Both Hands and Feet?

Hello! im Grace from Philippines.i have hyperhidrosis in both hands and is really embarrassing and it eats my self-confidence as well as... READ MORE

I am an 18 year old girl and I sweat a lot in my hands, feet and groin area, how do I stop it??

I sweat a lot in my hands, feet and groin area ,my hands and feet are also very cold most of the time. It makes me feel so uncomfortable and self... READ MORE

Is it normal? Is there any treatment for unnaturally sweaty hands and feet?

Ever since I was little I noticed that whenever I was slightly nervous or it was somewhat hot/humid outside (or even inside) my hands and feet get... READ MORE

Severe Hyperhidrosis causing excessive sweat in palm, armpits, buttock and foot. What treatments are available in India?

It's really embarrassing one, palm sweating started when I was 12, and two years before all the other regions like armpits, buttock and foot started,... READ MORE

About Hyperhidrosis- Excessive sweating on palms and feet during normal time and even in winter? (photo)

I am from India. I am 20 years old. The problem with me is Hyperhidrosis. I usually gets too much sweats in my palm and feet which is very very... READ MORE

How can I stop my hands and feet from sweating excessively?

Now i am 27 year old,when i am 10 year old i had this problem,i can't shake hand to any body and also work READ MORE

i am going to get my tablets for really bad sweaty hands and feet next week can you please tell me the side effects

My hands and feet get really sweaty every second. ive had this problem since i was little and its so annoying and finally i have spoke to my gp who... READ MORE

HYPERIDROSIS at palms, feet , face, buttocks , (no underarm). Any suggestions?

I dont want to use: -ETS methods like -bottox -pill medications - iontophoresis - usage of aluminium products (drysol etc) Are not permanent. What is... READ MORE

Is Hyperhidrosis surgery of the feet safer nowadays?

I got the surgery for my hands and underarms done back in 8th grade. It dramatically changed my life! I have no regrets and it even makes me not sweat... READ MORE

Is there any procedures for excessive sweating and flushed face?

I've had a problem with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) I also get a flushed bright red face a lot. I have extremely bad anxiety & its got to... READ MORE

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