Face + Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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How Do I Control Excess Sweating from Scalp/face and Neck?

I have a problem where my hair gets drenched in sweat when I do any physical activity especially when Im out for the night dancing. I naturally have... READ MORE

Botox for Hyperhidrosis on Face?

I Have Hyperhidrosis on my Face Would Like Inj. on my Nose, Possible?How Many Units? READ MORE

I Sweat Profusly from my Face and Scalp?

I sweat profusely from my face and scalp when it is hot/humid out or I am doing physical activity. What are my treatment options? I currently use a... READ MORE

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) for excessive facial blushing and sweating?

Hello, I am wondering if ETS surgery would be an appropriate treatment for frequent and intense facial flushing caused by KPRF. I am considering this... READ MORE

What is the cost of facial hyperhidrosis? How effective is it?

I live in Chicago and I've been suffering from excessive facial hyperhidrosis for many years now, time to do something about it. My condition is... READ MORE

Excessive sweating of head, face & neck - hyperhydrosis?!?

I've always been a heavy sweater, but lately the simple daily tasks have me drenched in sweat. Hormone levels are ok. Last week I had Botox injections... READ MORE

Sweaty scalp, face and neck whether it is hot or cold, even if I am just standing still. Worse if I am exercising.

I do not have any photos but imagine this...you are seated in a restaurant that is a little busy but not too crazy then your server arrives and her... READ MORE

I'm suffering from excessive facial sweating. Pls let me know any permanent solution and relative cost associated. Thanks a lot

I'm suffering from excessive facial sweating. This is really affecting my social life. Pls let me know any permanent solution and relative cost... READ MORE

Hyperhidrosis of face and scalp following fall injuries prevents me from socializing or going out in public.

Injuries to rt hip, both knees, both shoulders, low back requiring multiple surgeries and depression. Age 39 at injury. It was a slip/fall on a wet... READ MORE

HYPERIDROSIS at palms, feet , face, buttocks , (no underarm). Any suggestions?

I dont want to use: -ETS methods like -bottox -pill medications - iontophoresis - usage of aluminium products (drysol etc) Are not permanent. What is... READ MORE

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