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Hyperhidrosis on my Lower Back and Buttocks?

Hello, im a female 33 years old, i weigth about 129 lbs and heigth 5'3..., i suffer from hyperhidrosis in my buttocks and lower back for now tree... READ MORE

Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

I'm 25yrs female. For the last 9 months I have been suffering with underarm odor. I don't sweat too bad. But always feel damp and itchy. ( horrible... READ MORE

I am suffering from hypersweating all over my body (underarm/ hands / feet). I am female, 28 years

I tried to do botox underarm twice but it doesn't work at all even for 1 day ..I tried to use specific deodorant like SVR .I tried to use specific... READ MORE

Hyperhidrosis detail. How can I fix it and who can do it?

I am facing the problem of Accessive Sweeting due to Hyperhydrosis.. My accessive sweeting areas on my body are Hands,Feets and Armpits...Please give... READ MORE

How can I stop my hands and feet from sweating excessively?

Now i am 27 year old,when i am 10 year old i had this problem,i can't shake hand to any body and also work READ MORE

Facial Hyperhidrosis RX help? How can I find a doctor in Dallas who will prescribe medication?

I'm 26 years old and have been suffering with hyperhidrosis ever since I was in middle school. This has ruined my life and I'm tired of it. Doing some... READ MORE

Should I try Botox or surgery for my hands?

I've had hyperhidrosis since I was 11 (26 now). Hands, feet, armpits are the main ones that really drive me nuts. I can live with the feet and pits... READ MORE

What are the best ways to treat Generalized Hyperhidrosis?

I have hyperhidrosis all over my body but more in hands, feet, back, scalp and face Is there anything to tone it down. I can't write or drive because... READ MORE

Surgical/interventional heat rash (over nose and forehead) treatment by removing sweat glands. (Photo)

I am 30 years, male.I am having heat rash since early childhood. Its has improved. Now its only over my nose bridge and tip of nose and some part of... READ MORE

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