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Botox for Hyperhidrosis - Didn't Work for Me 3 Times. Why?

I had my first injections about 2 yrs ago and they didn't work. I then had my second set about 5 months later and still it didn't work. I had... READ MORE

Does botox in armpits stop the odour?

I had 60 units under each arm 4 days ago. It has stopped most of the sweating but I still notice a smell. Will this eve be alleviated or do you need... READ MORE

Swollen and Aching Legs After Botox on Feet

I had Botox on feet for sweating, and since then, my legs and knees have felt swollen, aching, and are a little stiff. Is this normal? I had the... READ MORE

Botox for Hyperhidrosis - Worked Just for 2 Weeks. Normal?

I had botox injected 3 weeks ago and at first it looked very promising. 2-3 days after injection sweating was minimal but it did not last long.... READ MORE

Why Didn't Hyaluronidase Work After 2 Tries?

Hyaluronidase did not work after 2 tries, my doctor told me it is look like i was not injected with a real Juvederm, i had filler injected between her... READ MORE

Can Botox Hyperhidrosis Be Reversed?

Hi, I had botox hyperhidrosis (armpits) administered nearly 4 years ago now & despite reports of not being able to last this long, it has not wore... READ MORE

Probleme with Hyaluronidas

I have juverderm injected on my nasolabial and it was really bad,so the doctor try to dissolve 3 times with hyaluronidase nothing chang but i have a... READ MORE

Surgery to remove underarm sweat glands March 2012: Now January 2015, I sweat like before...

I had the procedure with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian. It was a painful procedure and the result was okay, but still sweat is noticeable from my right side... READ MORE

Is it uncommon for botox for hyperhidrosis to not work the first time?

I've had hyperhidrosis since age 13. I finally had botox treatments about three weeks ago, and was sure that this would be my answer. The sweating has... READ MORE

Can armpit scars from hyperhidrosis surgery easily be revised?

I have my second BA coming up in two weeks time and I was wondering whether it would be worth asking my ps to revise my old scars under my arms from a... READ MORE

I had ETS surgery to help me with my sweating.

Now I have Compensating sweating on my back and chest. My many concerns is the chest as I can see that and it makes me very self-conscious &... READ MORE

How to treat severe compensatory sweating following ETS?

I had ETS for axillary hyperhydrosis in 2014. Not only did it not work, now my entire body is soaked if it is above 60 or I do any activities that... READ MORE

Surgical wound opened? (Photo)

Hello. I just had my operation to remove my entire armpit last june 4 because of hidradenitis suppurativa cure. one week after the wound seemed fine... READ MORE

What other options do I have for my truncal hyperhydrosis?

I've had a surgery done about a year and a half ago to get rid of my sweating disorder in my hands and underarms because of its severity. My surgeon... READ MORE

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