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Did Doctor Inject a Proper Amount of Hyaluronidase Vitrase to Dissolve Juvederm? Will I Get my Natural Cheekbones Back? (photo)

I had 0.2cc of Juvederm injected in my cheeks 18 days ago. I didn't want it. The doctor insisited. He hit the blood vessel on left side. I had bad... READ MORE

What can I do to get relief from side effects of Vitrase?

I just had my second injection of Vitrase yesterday and my eyes and head feel and look horrible. Soon after the injection I felt pressure in my head... READ MORE

I have saggy loose eyelid after Hyaluronidade. Is this damage permanent?

I had too much Juvederm injected into the wrong place. Hyaluronidase was recommend to dissolve the Juvederm overfil. The Hyaluronidase immediately... READ MORE

What to do after Hyaluronidase to remove filler under eyes?

Had three rounds of Hyaluronidase to dissolve Volbella wich caused puffy lids. All filler went away. I now look worse than before. Skin was stretched... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Hyaluronidase & Fillers? (photos)

I have had 3 seperate injections into the tear trough area and now one of my eyes has a dark circle with a little puffiness and more wrinkles that I... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase question. Is it possible for it to affect the fat and surrounding tissues?

One doctor injected Hyaluronidase to reduce some of the juvy I had in my face, which I think looked perfectly fine... She just kept using it and I... READ MORE

I had Hyaluronidase injected 5 weeks ago to remove filler. The skin has turned blue in several areas. (photo)

After 5 weeks I realize it is not bruising. Is this Tyndall effect? It is more noticeable in some types of lighting than others. Can it be fixed and... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid injected to correct scar with wrinkle. After 1 month wrinkle doubled in size. Is my skin too tense? (Photo)

1) Will hyaluronidase bring me back to normal, avoiding those new wrinkles I didnĀ“t have before? 2) I want to get rid of the whole HA. What are the ... READ MORE

Why do doctors say hyaluronidase does not dissolve natural tissue when it is used in mesotherapy for that sole purpose?

Hyaluronidase has a VERY low success rate on realself customer review, many claim their natural HA dissolved leaving permanent wrinkles, dimples and... READ MORE

Antidote available for TeN Filler10 Miracle deep wrinkles concentrate. Would Hyaluronidase be recommended?

Hello, I live in Canada and I 'm under a doctor here because I have important inflammation following a too large injection of filler 10 miracle deep... READ MORE

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