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Hyaluronidase Risks

You state that hyaluronidase can more rapidly break down fillers in face. Does it break down natural acids in face, too? Can it cause perminant holes... READ MORE

Horribly Lumpy Lips from Juvederm. Had Hyaluronidase Injection-looks Even Worse. Could They Be Permanently Ruined?

I am 19, had Juvederm twice before in lips with perfect results. Went somewhere new this time had 1.5 syringes. Lips were uneven, lumpy, HORRIBLE.... READ MORE

Can I Have Hyaluronidase to Dissolve Juvederm in Cheeks? Is This Safe?

Hi, I had juvederm voluma in cheeks nearly a year ago and then another small top up 6 months ago, I feel that as the juvederm from before was still in... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase - for Overfilled Restylane?

Had 1cc of Restlane injected into one side of my face 2 months ago and now that side of my face looks very different from the other side. Too full/... READ MORE

Is Hylaurodiase Safe or Extremely Risky?

7 months ago I had 1cc of restylane injected into a scar on my cheek by a very well known dermatologist. It created a awful facial asymmetry, a lump... READ MORE

Can Hyalase Injections Dissolve Your Own H.A. if It Come in Contact with It?

Hi Doctor, I had a filler injectioned under the eyes. It left dark lines and bags in the tear trough areas. I had hyalase injections to dissolve it... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait After Hyaluronidase Injection Before Getting Rhinoplasty?

I got Restylane about 7 months ago. I would like to get rhinoplasty and surgeons have suggested using hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler. However... READ MORE

Does hyaluronidase injected only under the muscle reduce the risk of dissolving one's own hyaluronic acid? (Photo)

I recently got restylane injections to try to correct some bagging I had under my eyes, but I think my injector may have gotten a little overzealous... READ MORE

Please Help! Hyaluronidase for filler removal - specific question. (photo)

I had filler 2 different times in the past 3 months to fix a dent left in my forehead from a cortisone injection. Although it is now pretty... READ MORE

How long am I at risk after lip filler was inserted into my artery? (photos)

How long after the incident will i still be at risk? And what could happen? And where will the product go? Will it degrade in the blood? The doctor... READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase pose a risk for skin resurfacing?

I recently had Restylane injected in some acne scars, however, the results were subpar and I ended up looking lumpy. Consequently, I had the Restylane... READ MORE

Infraorbital hyaluronic acid dermal filler, is there a risk of blindness?

Is there a risk of blindness from injection of hyaluronic acid into the infraorbital region of the face? I understand that the danger zones include... READ MORE

Lips Injection while unknowingly pregnant, doctor used Hyacorp filler, should I be concerned? (photo)

Hello! I had lips injection at around 10 weeks of pregnancy, later discovered. I know you're not supposed to do any treatment but what are the real... READ MORE

It is safe to get Hyluronidase injections if I'm fighting off a cold and I'm on my period??

I've had a cold for a little over a week now and just started my period. Is there risk of infection at the injection site? READ MORE

What if Hyurandase Was Injected in Areas That Did Not Have Filler? Could That Damage Your Skin Permanently?

After a few rounds of hyurandase, I found another doctor to get a second opinion on why my face still looked strange? They mistaked swelling for... READ MORE

Why there is no consensus about the risks of hylauronidase in dark circles? It can be really dangerous?

I would like to know why there is such a diversity of opinions regarding the Hyaluronidase, its potential risks, both short term and long. I put... READ MORE

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