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Which is Best, Ultherapy Vs Hyaluronidase, at Removing Restylane Under Eyes?

Hi. I want to remove restylane from under my eyes. I am considering trying ultherapy first and then assessing the need for hyaluronidase. I believe... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase to Dissolve Restylane?

Can Hyaluronidase dissolve only the lump and not the entire filler that was injected on tear through? I had Restylane injected in my tear through... READ MORE

Good Doctor to Remove Juvederm in Philadelphia Area?

I have had a bad experience with Juvederm. It's almost been a week and I want it out. How do I find an experienced doc to do this? Do I look for a... READ MORE

I've had a hyaluronic acid injection for a deep nasolabial fold. Is it safe to remove it with hyaluronidase ?

6 months ago I had a hyaluronic acid injection to treat a deep nasolabial fold on the right side of my face. I am not happy with the result as it... READ MORE

Please Help! Hyaluronidase for filler removal - specific question. (photo)

I had filler 2 different times in the past 3 months to fix a dent left in my forehead from a cortisone injection. Although it is now pretty... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Hyaluronidase in Michigan?

I want to correct blue lines left after Restylane/Perlane injections. Need a good doctor in Michigan. Am afraid of Hyaluronidase because of severe... READ MORE

I had 8 vitrase injections to remove a Restylane overfill in lips. I'm still swollen after 9 months. Any tips would help!

Hi, About 11 months ago I had restylane lip injections done. Overfilled and very unhappy with the results I had them dissolved with hyluronidase. I... READ MORE

I had some Juvederm removed today with the hyluronadase injection. Will this go away? Is this normal? (photos)

Now I have these huge bags that I never had before. Will this go away? Is this normal? READ MORE

What are my options to remove a permanent lip filler? How can I find out what filler was used?

More than 3 years ago I got a lip enhancement in Colombia. My lips are still big and haven't decreased in size. I do not like the fake and plastic... READ MORE

Very important Hyaluronidase filler removal question. Will the body reproduce it gradual over time to restore what was lost?

I had Restelyne injected into the tear trough about 2wks ago. I just had it removed with Hyaluronidase. About 4 days later along the inner part of my... READ MORE

I had Hyaluronidase injected 5 weeks ago to remove filler. The skin has turned blue in several areas. (photo)

After 5 weeks I realize it is not bruising. Is this Tyndall effect? It is more noticeable in some types of lighting than others. Can it be fixed and... READ MORE

does hyalurinidase remove all filler .

Does hyaluronidase remove all filler in the face. Ive got hard lumps and i am being treated with this to dissolve them. Its ben 18 days and have been... READ MORE

Can injecting Hyaluronidase to one side of the cheek remove the other side of the cheek as well?

Just out of curiosity. Say if someone did a poor job over injecting juvederm to someone's lips. If you inject hyaluronidase to her lips to try to... READ MORE

Question about removing dermal filler with Hyaluronidase

I wonder if i want to remove the filler which is injected in shallow depth, will it also dissolve the filler in deeper area like the one injected over... READ MORE

How long after Juvederm lip fillers can I use hyaluronidase? (Photos)

I don't like how my lower lip turned out. its too big! Its my second day after injections now and its not getting better. My face looks better with... READ MORE

Does Vitrase Remove Native HA?

Why do some doctors say that Vitrase will not remove native hyaluronic acid (HA), yet others would say it will? Which is valid? READ MORE

What can I do to help eliminate Vitrase from my body?

I think I have had too much vitrase inserted to reduce my juviderm effect. I have much swelling at times and hot flashes and chills and it has been... READ MORE

Removing Voluma fillers from cheek and jawline?

I've had my fillers 4 days ago and I really don't like the result. My wedding is in 4 weeks. Can I use Hyaluronidase to dissolve the fillers? And will... READ MORE

How quickly does Hyaluronidase work to remove lip filler, will it remove all filler and does it effect your normal tissue?

I want to have some of the filler in my lips removed. Will everything be dissolved or is this dependent on how much my doctor uses of the... READ MORE

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