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Fat is Gone After Hyaluronidase-now What? (photo)

So now that the restylane is mostly gone after enzyme injections, my skin looks worse than ever. Flat, saggy and deflated. You doctors told me the... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase to Dissolve a Hydrophilic Polyacrylamide Gel Filler from Under Eye Area?

I had injected what I thought was an HA filler. Turned out to be a Hydrophilic polyacrylamide gel filler. 2wks after inj, my eyes were so swollen I... READ MORE

Hollow After Hyaluronidase Injection

I have juverderm injected on my nasolabial and it was really bad,so the doctor injected me 3 time hyaluronidase,and the hyaluronidase make me a big... READ MORE

I need help my under eyes destroyed by repeated hyaluronidase under eyes. Anybody out there please help me!

I had filler in tear trough summer 2013. I was suffering from untreated bipolar disorder and was manic at the time. I felt it looked bad and went to... READ MORE

Would Hyaluronidase Help with Malar Edema?

Hi, i'm a 32 year old male...i've had malar edema/eye bags since i was a teenager. I understand that the cause of it may be poor lymphatic... READ MORE

What to do after Hyaluronidase to remove filler under eyes?

Had three rounds of Hyaluronidase to dissolve Volbella wich caused puffy lids. All filler went away. I now look worse than before. Skin was stretched... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Has Not Worked - Anything I Can Do Myself to Help Decrease the Lump?

I recently had Hyaluronidase injected into a lump that has formed due to filler along my nasal labial line. I believe the filler that caused the lump... READ MORE

22 hours after Hyaluronidase injection and my lips are so swollen! Is it OK? How is it fixed? (Photo)

I have inhected my lips with fillers about 8 days ago now ,, i didnt like my results so i went back to the doctor today and he injected hyaluronidase... READ MORE

Not sure what to do after having lump of filler dissolved. Should I go back to the same person? (Photo)

I had previously posted on this page images of my lips as I seemed to have a lump of filler above my upper lip. I had it dissolved with hyalurodinase... READ MORE

Please help! Can I use hyaluronidase on Juvederm Voluma after 9 weeks? I am in quite a lot of pain. Any serious side effects?

I think the filler is aggravatiing my infra orbital nerve or it was injured by the injector during treatment. She used a cannula but I felt a sharp... READ MORE

I had a bad non surgical nose job, will hyaluronidase make it go exactly back to the way it was? (Photo)

I am reading how hyrulonidase can affect natural hyrulonic acid and cause hollow-ness. I want to go back to my nose (the smaller nose with my white... READ MORE

How do you dilute Hyaluronidase 1500 I.U. and how much is generally needed to treat the eye trough?

Interested in determining how much NS to use to dilute Hyaluronidase ampule 1500I.U. and a rough approximation of the amount, once reconstituted, to... READ MORE

Where should I get Hyaluronidase injections to reverse the non-surgical nose job I had a month ago?

I had 1ml of perlane injected in my nose to straighten it and lift the tip but I am now considering hyaluronidase injections to remove the filler to... READ MORE

Lip filler with hyaluron has left me with duck lips. What can I do? (Photo)

Yesterday I've got my lips done with hylauron. Only in upper lip. 1 day after I went back for more hylauron also in upper lip. Together it was 0,5 ML.... READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase spare the skn from damage if it dissolves the product injected very deep under the muscle?

I had voluma injected deep and i have been doing hyalase deep under muscle where it was i njected. five times and need more....i am afaraid my skin... READ MORE

25 days after Restylane removed with hyaluronidase and I have strong discolouration along injection sites. What do I do? (Pohto)

I was told Restylane was perfectly safe, and that if all fails, it can just be reversed. Well, all failed. So I had it removed with hyalurondiase, but... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase: Damage? Allergic Reaction?

I have had a roller coaster with Juvederm under the eyes and in the malar area. A week ago today, I saw a cosmetic surgeon who attempted to dissolve... READ MORE

Had Hyalurodase in my Top Lip, How Can I Correct Indentations and Elasticity Loss That Followed?

I had Hyalurondase to remove filler in my top lip line, It has reuined my lips I have indents in the place where the filler once was, and the skin... READ MORE

Best way to treat thin hollowed skin (probably due to hyaluronidase)? (Photo)

I had hyaluronidase injected about 2 years ago to remove restylane. It left me with a dime sized hollow area that has not resolved. Furthermore I... READ MORE

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