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Horribly Lumpy Lips from Juvederm. Had Hyaluronidase Injection-looks Even Worse. Could They Be Permanently Ruined?

I am 19, had Juvederm twice before in lips with perfect results. Went somewhere new this time had 1.5 syringes. Lips were uneven, lumpy, HORRIBLE.... READ MORE

Can Hyluronadase Injections Used to Dissolve Juvederm Filler Nasolabial Folds) Cause Tyndall Effect

Four weeks ago i received juvederm fillers and was very unhappy the way they turned out..i feel it was put in the wrong place..I went to see a doctor... READ MORE

Had hyaluronidase in my lip to remove excess Juvederm in the middle. So much pain isn't normal, is it? (Photo)

He put bit juvaderm on both sides of my lip. i was nothappywith the result. There was a little bump in the middle from earlier injection he put one... READ MORE

Does hyaluronidase work after 18 months?

I had juvederm volume 18 months ago,i didnt like the results and it isn't solved yet, i feel the bumps when I touch my lips with my edge of tongue.Is... READ MORE

Lip swollen for almost a week after Hyaluronidase! Is this normal?

I've had juvederm in My upper lip , 3 weeks later i still had a lump that ruined my smile, so i went back to my doctor and he disolved it i guess with... READ MORE

swelling lips after Hyaluronidase injection to dissolve juvederm, is it normal?

I've had my lips injected with juvederm but i wasn't so happy with the results as there was a lump in my upper lip for a month, i went to my doctor... READ MORE

Do small internal bumps/zits usually go away with time after hyaluronidase injection?

I had just had 0.1% of hyaluronidase injected on one cheek (where the smile finishes) yesterday, as a bit too much of AH had been injected one month... READ MORE

Too much filler under eye Teartrough treatment and tyndall.? (photos)

Already had 6 small treatments of hyaluronidase dont know what to do next first time way too much filler used so it pops out way too much also i see... READ MORE

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