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Numerous Lumps 6 Months After Voluma and 12 Months After Last Sculptra Injection. Dr Suggestion Hyaluronidase Injections.Advice?

In January 2011, I had 1ml of Voluma in each cheek hollow. This was after having only small success with Sculptra in the same areas in July 2010. At... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Totally Destroyed my Skin-how Long Does It Take the Skin to Repair Itself?

Prior to a facelift with fat injections, my PS thought it would be a good idea to use wydase to remove any filler remaining in my skin. It took... READ MORE

Is Hyaluronidase safe under the eyes? (photo)

Good Night, three months ago, I put 1.4 of restylane under the eyes, the eyes have bags, never had. Photo attached after three months with restylane.... READ MORE

What to do after Hyaluronidase to remove filler under eyes?

Had three rounds of Hyaluronidase to dissolve Volbella wich caused puffy lids. All filler went away. I now look worse than before. Skin was stretched... READ MORE

Festoon from long-lasting filler? Will hyaluronidase work? (photos)

I've had these diagonal lines (festoons?) across the top of my cheeks for 2 years. They are very noticeable in certain lighting, and I just want them... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait until dissolving lip filler with hyaluronidase after injections? (photos)

I got lip fillers three days ago and look absolutely horrendous. My lips are uneven, look completely fake and just terrible. I want to cry. I can't go... READ MORE

I had Perlane (cheeks) and restylane (under eye) and botox 4 weeks ago with bad results. Yr thoughts please? (photo)

Fluid swelling under right eye particularly. horizontal lines under eyes. From botox I think? distinctive band of red/brown coloring under eye. Looks... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Hyaluronidase & Fillers? (photos)

I have had 3 seperate injections into the tear trough area and now one of my eyes has a dark circle with a little puffiness and more wrinkles that I... READ MORE

How long will it take to get back to normal or do I have permanent damage? What skin tightening treatments could help?

I decided to have hyalase to dissolve juvederm from my lips within 12 hours I had no lips, I looked like an old lady, my lips had shrivelled up. I... READ MORE

Please Help! Hyaluronidase for filler removal - specific question. (photo)

I had filler 2 different times in the past 3 months to fix a dent left in my forehead from a cortisone injection. Although it is now pretty... READ MORE

Does hyalase(hyluronidase) not work for anyone? (photos)

I got hyalase to dissolve the juvederm in my nose for 3 times because the redness caused by the filler. But when I dissolve the filler the first time,... READ MORE

I Injected Hyaluronic Acid in in my Face and Its Swollen Because It Had Permanent Filler from 10 Years, What Should I Do?

I injected Hyaluronic acid to the lines on my face, but i had a permanent material injected 10 years ago called polyacrilamide, my face is swallen... READ MORE

What's considered an effective, yet conservative dose for Hyaluronidase to dissolve excess filler?

I have seen considerable variability in terms of the concentration of hyaluronidase to dissolve excess filler. If the goal is to "spot reduce"... READ MORE

Is it normal to not see hyaluronidase work instantly to remove some filler in the nose? Does it sometimes take longer?

I've had hyaluronidase 2 weeks ago to remove some excess filler (perlane) on the side of my nose which was causing a little lump. Most of it was gone... READ MORE

What are my options to remove a permanent lip filler? How can I find out what filler was used?

More than 3 years ago I got a lip enhancement in Colombia. My lips are still big and haven't decreased in size. I do not like the fake and plastic... READ MORE

Very important Hyaluronidase filler removal question. Will the body reproduce it gradual over time to restore what was lost?

I had Restelyne injected into the tear trough about 2wks ago. I just had it removed with Hyaluronidase. About 4 days later along the inner part of my... READ MORE

Can fillers and hyaluronidase cause veins to appear and bulge out under the eyes?

After terribly overfilled and misplaced filler under the eye, I had hyaluronidase to remove it. Now, I see a lot of veins under my eyes and a few... READ MORE

Do I need more hyaluronidase? (photos)

I went to a highly qualified plastic surgeon 5 wks ago for bletheroplasty for a saggy upper lid. He injected some juvederm filler under eyes to... READ MORE

Had Hyaluronidase to correct bags under right tear trough caused by Perlane. The eye is now worse, should I remove all fillers?

After perlane, I was left with a pretty good result in the left TT but fluid retention on the right which created mini bags and a dent. So we go for... READ MORE

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