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Widase or Vitrase for Juvederm Corrections

I had Juvederm injections - two vials and and 15 of Botox a week ago and am not happy with the results. I only had it done around the mouth. Now the... READ MORE

How Long After Hyaluronidase Can You Have More Juvederm Injections?

I had juvederm injections 3 1/2 weeks ago and one side is uneven which I am being told is swelling but I'm certain its not swelling and is product... READ MORE

How Can a Dent Under Eye After an Overcorrection of Hyaluronidase Be Treated?

3 weeks ago an MD injected my eyes with hyaluronidase(I wantedYAG 1064). He used too much, now I have a deep dent under 1 eye. The next week he... READ MORE

How Soon After Hyaluronidase Injections to the Lip May a Filler Be Reinjected?

A friend of a friend who used to work as a physician's assistant for yet another friend opened, with another doctor, a medspa. Wanting to support... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get Hyaluronidase to Resolve Restalyn in the Nose?

I recently opted for a restalyn injection on one side on the tip of my nose. This area is a little less full than the other side. I had the procedure... READ MORE

Can Injection of Vitrase in Lower Cheek Migrate to Eyes?

I had juvaderm injections in my cheeks and the next day there was a blockage. Doctor said I needed to have vitrase injected to prevent skin necrosis.... READ MORE

Can I Have Filler the Day After Hyaluronidase Injection?

I have just had Hyaluronidase put in my right cheek today, Monday 10th October 2011 at 530pm as I had way to much filler on the right more then the... READ MORE

I need help my under eyes destroyed by repeated hyaluronidase under eyes. Anybody out there please help me!

I had filler in tear trough summer 2013. I was suffering from untreated bipolar disorder and was manic at the time. I felt it looked bad and went to... READ MORE

My lips are swelling after hyaluronic acid lip injection. Will it go away? (Photo)

I has my lips injected yesterday we teosyal ultra deep (hyaluronic acid). I love the results but the next day I woke up and the upper lip seems to... READ MORE

Does hyaluronidase injected only under the muscle reduce the risk of dissolving one's own hyaluronic acid? (Photo)

I recently got restylane injections to try to correct some bagging I had under my eyes, but I think my injector may have gotten a little overzealous... READ MORE

Where is the Vitrase supposed to be injected? (Photo)

I had the Hyaluronidase injected cautiously 4 days ago with absolutely no improvement what so ever. I feel as though he didn't inject it into the... READ MORE

Is it safe to use the enzyme hyaluronidase to remove Juvederm after it has expired? (8 months ago) My doctor is unsure. (photo)

My lips are asymmetrical. I have had 5cc if Juvederm injected within a 4 month period. I had it done by an asthetic nurse, and the establishment had a... READ MORE

How many days does Hyalurondase take maximum to dissolve Hylauronic Acid?

I am a 28 yr old girl. Due to extensive workout my skin got a bit loose so I went to a dermatologist and she injected Hyaluronic acid in my face.... READ MORE

Puffy under eyes after Juvederm injections almost a year ago. Is there anything that be done to correct it? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected under my eyes to fill in hollows almost a year ago and it created bags under my eyes, especially under the left eye. They look... READ MORE

Tiny like bug bites under skin

Hi I had filler under eye which caused a lump so I had to have an injection to move it but then he put abit more filler in which I now have a lot of... READ MORE

Juvederm Nose Augmentation, Hyrulonidase, Rhinoplasty, how do I fix this? (photo)

I had a slight hooked nose and a doctor totally messed up, he made my hook worse. He has been injecting hyrulonidase and this is my 3rd treatment with... READ MORE

Will another injection of Hyaluronidase help the water bags that have formed under my eyes? (Photo)

I had a partial facelift and injections of Juviderm in my eye troughs in Feb 2014. The under eyes especially on one eye puffed out and were slightly... READ MORE

How long will it take for my natural HA to regenerate a hollow left following a mild Hyaluronidase injection? (Photos)

I am 48 with good, fair skin though thin under eyes. Bad Juvederm exp 3 months ago, dissolved a "pillow" under right eye socket 10 days ago. Seven... READ MORE

20 days after hyaluronic acid filler struggling with hard dense mass and red swollen lump at injection site, advice? (photos)

Out of hrs Gp given fluclixacillun after original nurse who treated sterile lanced the red area no puss just watery blood large dense mass behind not... READ MORE

Why has my bottom lip not been affected by hyalase as much as my top lip? Is this permanent? (Photo)

It's been 3 months since hyalase and seeing little improvement in my lip. She injected.. 1 ml of Juvederm 3 at upper and lower lip on 24/02/14 ,... READ MORE

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