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Can Anyone Tell Me What Could Lead to a Worsening of Lymphedema After Juvaderm Injections? Is Hyaluronidase For Me?

I had upper jaw surgery 3 years ago which left me with residual edema in my midface. About 10 months ago, I resolved to get undereye Juvaderm... READ MORE

What Should I Do About the Redness On My Buttocks After Hyaluronic Acid Injections? (photo)

What could be done for redness on buttocks due to hyuloronic acid buttocks injections. its not and infection i even got an MRI done everything is fine... READ MORE

What would you suggest after trying injections of hyaluronidaise and repeated cortisone shots which have not worked? (Photo)

These bumps started to appear six months ago, my Dermatologist had one biopsied ( no clear indication what is was, only showed acute inflammation). I... READ MORE

Discoloration after filler. Could it be hemosiderin? (Photo)

My dr put filler near the mouth in a like C pattern. i bruised during injection and swelled, but he continued to inject. one month later i was still... READ MORE

Edema persistent post Hyaluronidase

How to tell if the tear persistent edema is caused by injections of hyaluronidase and no remains of hyaluronic acid? I have 4 injections of... READ MORE

What could happen to my nose if I get my hyalase injected?

I've had 3 sessions of hyalase withe very small amount each time to dissolve my nose filler, my nose is nowhere near back to normal I can feel that a... READ MORE

Unable To Eat or Speak Normall After Multiple Hyaluronidase Injections, What Should I Do?

Injected 3 times above my lip cuz I had an old filling (juvederm) that laid there and it looked ugly.After removed successfully I wanted to fill again... READ MORE

Random severe swelling 2 months post HA injections and 1 week post Hyaluronidaise injection. What could be causing this? (Photo)

I have had my cheeks injected with HA fillers over the past 2 years. I was unhappy with the results so last week I began having the filler disolved... READ MORE

Occasional swelling months after hyaluronic acid injection. What is causing the sudden swelling?

I received Aqua Filler brand HA above my upper lip over 2 months ago for a scar. Too much was injected and the area was protruding terribly. I had 3... READ MORE

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