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Why is My Nose Swelling and Bruising?

I Am 16 Weeks Pregnant, Have Had a Cold for 2 Weeks, my Nose I Broke when I Was 9 is Swelling and is Turning Black and Blue Please help! Any... READ MORE

Hot or Cold to Reduce Swelling?

I got my wisdom teeth out recently, but my doctor seemed to be giving me mixed messages as to whether I should use hot or cold compresses! I felt as... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried if my Ankle Has Been Hurting for 7 Months but It Has Never Swollen and Hurts Walk Run Jump?

My ankle has been hurting for 7 months but has never swollen I can run walk and jump but it causes very very very bad pain ( if feels like something... READ MORE

31 Stitches in Head - When Will Swelling Go Down?

I Got Hit in the Head with a Plate Got 31 Stitches when Will the Swelling Go Down READ MORE

Septal Swelling - Diagnosis and Treatment

What test/s do Doctors perform to diagnose potential issues relating to a swelling septum? READ MORE

Permanent Swelling After Bruising?

My Young Son Keeps Getting Permanent and Sore Swellings After Bruising, Almost Like Bone. Got a sprained finger joint which now looks permanently... READ MORE

Swelling During Exercise

Why is it when I run or go hiking, my hands and fingers swell up? READ MORE

How can I reduce swelling on my throat after lymph surgery?

Surgery was nearly 3 months ago and swelling is still there. It is really getting up my nose. READ MORE

Do you have any new ideas for what to try to severe rash unknown etiology? (photo)

Have had a rash off and on for 3-4 months, extremely red, moderate swelling, itchy welts on arms, hands and face, minimal on legs and core. No tongue... READ MORE

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