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Use of Hydroquinone Before Getting Pregnant?

For 5 years (pre-pregnancy) I used a toner with hydroquinone. I just stopped using it, and i'll do my 1st iui in 2 weeks. Was two weeks too soon? How... READ MORE

Lubriderm Advance Therapy Contains Retinyl Palmitate - Is This Safe in Pregnancy?

As ingredient - topical retinyl palmitate is present in lubriderm advanced therapy. I am 20 weeks pregnant and just realized this. Is it safe or... READ MORE

If I Shave my Tummy During Pregnancy, Will It Grow Back Thicker or Darker?

Im 34 weeks 3 days pregnant, and the hair on my tummy really bothers me. ive dealt with it for as long as i can. but im afraid that if i shave it, it... READ MORE

I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant?

I really do not want to be pregnant, so I have been worrying myself over the fact. My question is what exactly can alter hCG levels in your body? I... READ MORE

Can a low-grade, short-term (5 hours) fever cause damage in pregnancy?

I am 17 weeks pregnant now have gotten a number of colds... one at 12 weeks caused a little bit of a fever. It started at 99.6... at which point I... READ MORE

Can Someone Please Explain to Me What Im Seeing in my Ultrasound?

I am around 3 or 4 weeks pregnant and the doctor at the hospital told me that nothing was in my uterus but I see something. READ MORE

If I do surgery for umbilical hernia can I still have more babies? (photo)

I have a umbilical hernia, what surgery is best and if I get it done now can I still have another baby? Also the cost ?no insurance. Was diagnosed... READ MORE

Unintentional exposure to minoxidil while pregnant can pose a risk for the unborn baby?

My husband uses topical minoxidil twice a day. I have noticed that when he lays on the pillow it can pass on it. Also, I have... READ MORE

Am I pregnant?

Spot bleeding for ladt two months before period for 3-4 days then on Nov 20th. Had sex and spot bled two days later for 3 days then stopped then on... READ MORE

Will the Hernia Complicate my Labor ? What Are the Risks ? Is a C-section Required ?

I found out I had an umbilical hernia around my 13 wks of pregnancy I am now 22 weeks. I'm scared of my labor , this is my second child I want to know... READ MORE

Can I be pregnant ?

I havent had my period in 5 months. I went from 95 to 105 in 2 weeks. I havent had any symptoms like morning sickness. In Aug. ive had my first... READ MORE

2 sets of twins, what are the chances of having multiples again?

So...we have 2 sets of twins 13 mo. apart. The doctor told us next time would for sure be, "twins or more!!" Really what are the chances of this... READ MORE

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