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Applying Pressure on Nose Hump?

I have an ugly hump on the bridge of my nose, so stupidly I used my fingers to just try and push it down and get rid of it... I swear it did actually... READ MORE

Why is My Nose Swelling and Bruising?

I Am 16 Weeks Pregnant, Have Had a Cold for 2 Weeks, my Nose I Broke when I Was 9 is Swelling and is Turning Black and Blue Please help! Any... READ MORE

Does Anyone Still Perform the Rhinomanometry Test?

Does Anyone Still Perform the Rhinomanometry Test? READ MORE

How to Remove Fat from Nose?

Are there any medicines that help to remove fats from nose? Now I am trying rub my nose by ginger.Is that help to remove fat? READ MORE

Damaged Pores - What Will Heal Them?

I am 16 years old and i have a few damaged pores on my cheek and upper lip from squeezing there any way i can repair them ? also ,... READ MORE

Why is the Tip of my Nose Always Red?

The tip of my nose is always red. Any one have suggestions why? Is there any way to fix this? READ MORE

Raised Scar/Cyst/Mole/Papilloma

Three months ago I developed a swelling of my nose. On top of the swelling was a large pimple. The swelling went, But unfortunately the pimple never... READ MORE

Skin on my Nose Has Changed Drastically During the Last 3 Years

Hi Doctors, Since college, the skin on the tip of nose has changed significantly. First, there are A LOT of blackheads on the tip and the nostrils.... READ MORE

Why is my Nose Red?

My nose always is red and the pores are large and black. why is the skin on my nose very noticeably different and gross looking and how can i fix the... READ MORE

Is 2.5 Mm Nose Skin Thick?

I have find out that my skin on bone is about 1mm and skin of the nose tip is about 2-2.5 mm , but my nose tips is very large , when I touch my nose... READ MORE

How Long Should I Avoid Contact Sports After Breaking my Nose?

If you break your nose, a slight bend and swelling, should you play Aussie rules football (AFL) a week later? READ MORE

How is a Hematoma or Nasal Abscess Diagnosed?

Hello can you please advise how a hematoma or nasal abscess is diagnosed following trauma to the nose? READ MORE

Septal Swelling - Diagnosis and Treatment

What test/s do Doctors perform to diagnose potential issues relating to a swelling septum? READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Nose is Fractured or Not?

I hurt my nose 2 days ago. Its bruised on the sides and on the bridge. It hurts to the touch to the point where I almost cry. I don't think... READ MORE

Nose Trauma on Bridge

Is it possible to receive a blow on the bridge of the nose, for the lower part of the nose to slightly deviate, yet the bridge, despite swelling,... READ MORE

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