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Is It Normal to Have Cramps and Bloating Towards the End of my Period or Right After?

I usually have these PMS symptoms at the end or right after my period rather than at the beginning. Is this normal, or is it something I need to be... READ MORE

What Vitamins or Supplements Can I Take to Stop Craving Chocolate and Candy During my PMS?

I have MAJOR cravings during my pms and during my period too. I feel like i NEED to eat a lot of chocolate otherwise i go crazy (just ask my relatives... READ MORE

Abnormal Periods, Hot Flashes, Cramps - Menopause or Something Else?

I am 43 not every night feel like I am burning up take off my covers I cool down then I feel normal again.Hot flashes?Premenopause?My period before my... READ MORE

I haven't gotten my period for 3 months, I'm on the pill and sexually active what's wrong with me?

I have missed my period for the third time this month yet I'm on a contaceptive and a pill called oratane I have been sexually active and experiancing... READ MORE

Bulge in Upper Tummy, Tight Hard Feelings?

Fem 29. my period was very regular. But last month, instead of happenning on around 22 May, it started on 30 May and normally stopped after 7 days.... READ MORE

Good evening I have a strange nausea feeling, following with weakness?

I have nausea feeling after I have sex (protected sex) I have it during my period: I threw up. I have it before my periods: No vomit. I do a lot of... READ MORE

I went to the urgent care with a frequency to urinate. He prescribed me bactrim but now the urgency is worse?

I took the Bactrim for two days and then stopped taking it. Now the urgency is worse. I don't have burning or anything like that. I literally use the... READ MORE

Am I pregnant?

Spot bleeding for ladt two months before period for 3-4 days then on Nov 20th. Had sex and spot bled two days later for 3 days then stopped then on... READ MORE

Can I be pregnant ?

I havent had my period in 5 months. I went from 95 to 105 in 2 weeks. I havent had any symptoms like morning sickness. In Aug. ive had my first... READ MORE

My period was short and stopped 3 days ago. I just had intercourse and when I went to the bathroom a bunch of blood came out?

It want just a little bit of blood. It was like starting a really heavy period and I also have cramps now. READ MORE

Need to know what is wrong with my period?

Hello I am 19years old almost twenty. I am not on birth control and do not use anything I have been with the same guy for a year now and I just got... READ MORE

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