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Pimples on Penis? (photo)

I have this maybe for 1 month i am only 19 and it worry me can you tell me what going on?? will ointment help? hope it nothing big. READ MORE

Ugly Large Seroma After Inguinal Hernia Repair

30 y/old healthy male had a R inguinal hernia repaired laproscopically 2 weeks ago, about 7-10 days after I developed a large seroma. When I went to... READ MORE

There Are Three Small Spots, Not Bumps, on the Bottom of my Penis Shaft? (photo)

They do not hurt or itch and are not raised. I am sexually active and I just noticed this. Everything else seems normal. What could this be? READ MORE

What is This Pink Line on my Skin?

Hello I'm a male age 24 and before I used to find this perfect dot on my skin its very small and if you look at it, you would think it's done... READ MORE

Silicone Testicular Implant

I´ve had a silicone testicular prothesis for a little over 3 years, about 3 months ago i noticed swelling and lumps perineum area, asked the... READ MORE

Lumps in Anus - What Could it Be? (Photos)

I am 24 in the military and I've noticed the past few days when I pass a stool that it's an awkward feeling in my anus and upon further inspection I... READ MORE

Repeated Umbilical Hernia Repairs

I have had 4 Umbilical Hernias; each of the first 3 failed and in all 4, the surgeon used an Alloderm patch. My understanding is that a... READ MORE

I Feel Little Swollen at my Anal Orifice. Constipation, What Could Be Wrong? (photo)

I am 28 yrs of healthy male with PMH of allergies and migraine. I don't take any meds. No PSH. SH: - non drinker, non smoker, straight, sexually... READ MORE

Permanent Swelling After Bruising?

My Young Son Keeps Getting Permanent and Sore Swellings After Bruising, Almost Like Bone. Got a sprained finger joint which now looks permanently... READ MORE

What's the Best Thing to Use to Help See Better Results when Working Out?

My friend's 15 year old brother wants to begin working out and want lsnfast results, what is the best product he can use to ensure the best results? READ MORE

How Can I Gain Muscle Weight?

I am a 15 year old male, 5'5" and weigh 116lbs. I have a very fast metabolism and work out at least 4x a week. I have tryouts for a football team and... READ MORE

Flash Pulmonary Edema in Healthy 27 Year Old Male?

My husband had surgery yesterday morning to remove a lump near his testicles (turns out it was like a blood clot from a vasectomy he had in January)... READ MORE

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