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What Kind of Lump is This?

I've had this lump on my forehead for about 4 years now. I think it's getting bigger now because I've been getting questions about it a... READ MORE

What is This Itchy Lumpy Temporary Rash All over my Body?

Have been suffering from a body rash. Started near 3rd DEC. Appears majorly on back, stomach, h&s, thighs & lower neck. Minor eruptions on... READ MORE

I Found a Small Lump Under my Right Ear Right by my Jaw Line. Should I Be Worried?

I also have tingling in my hands and feet - mostly at night. I am very concerned and am afraid that this might be something serious. I also have pain... READ MORE

Lumps in Anus - What Could it Be? (Photos)

I am 24 in the military and I've noticed the past few days when I pass a stool that it's an awkward feeling in my anus and upon further inspection I... READ MORE

Lump Under Skin From Severe Head Trauma

I had severe trauma to the head about 10 years back which has left no scar tissue and there was no fractured or broken bone but i am left with a lump... READ MORE

Collagen Lumps in my Thigh. A Chiropractor Worked on Them with a Plastic Tool to Break Them Down. My Leg is Very Sore and Red?

Is this a safe method to get rid of the collagen lumps. They are painful. I was told to come back next week and they will work on them some more. Is... READ MORE

What Causes Lump Behind Ear and Treatment?

Sir, i hav got lump formed at back of my is from long back..but ihav not been to doctor..can u pls tell me reasons for this and READ MORE

Painful Lump on Head, What Is It?

I'm 17 year old female and I've had a lump on my head for about a few years now. It's underneath the skin and for the longest time it has never given... READ MORE

I Have a Lump Just Above my Breast. What Would Be the Cause of It?

I had a c.section 19 days ago .I am breastfeeding and at times am pumping milk asked my nipples are very painful. This evening as I was having a... READ MORE

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