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Nipple Areola Color Lightening

I am a 26 year old female. I have noticed that over the past couple of months my right nipple color has been getting lighter and smoother (less... READ MORE

Why is My Nose Swelling and Bruising?

I Am 16 Weeks Pregnant, Have Had a Cold for 2 Weeks, my Nose I Broke when I Was 9 is Swelling and is Turning Black and Blue Please help! Any... READ MORE

Body After Baby

I am 32 years old and my husband and I have just decided to start a family. While I have a fairly lean athletic build (5'9", 135lbs), the... READ MORE

What Kind of Lump is This?

I've had this lump on my forehead for about 4 years now. I think it's getting bigger now because I've been getting questions about it a... READ MORE

How to Remove Dermabond?

My 4 year old daughter fell out of her bed and cut her face in the eyebrow above her eye. The ER Dr. on duty used Dermabond to close the cut. Now we... READ MORE

What is This Itchy Lumpy Temporary Rash All over my Body?

Have been suffering from a body rash. Started near 3rd DEC. Appears majorly on back, stomach, h&s, thighs & lower neck. Minor eruptions on... READ MORE

I Have Used Dettol on a Mosquito Bite and Now my Cheek is Burning. What Should I Do?

I applied Dettol after being numerously bitten by mosquito on the same place. I couldn't take it cause it was so itchy then I applied Dettol. The... READ MORE

I just had a baby two moths ago, and I could not breast feed! Do I Have Tubular Breasts?

I just had a baby two moths ago, and I could not breast feed! I went to several lactaion consultants, I even tried medication , and nothing worked.... READ MORE

I Have Dark Circles on my Toes from Using Dr. Scholl's Corn Remover

About 12 years ago, I used Dr. Scholl's corn remover on all of my toes. As a result, I developed dark circles on all of my toes. I have been to... READ MORE

How Do I Make my Breasts Stop Growing?

Hi, im 15 and my whole life i've never had weight problems until last year, then i began growin 'them' and they wont stop im now way over... READ MORE

Damaged Pores - What Will Heal Them?

I am 16 years old and i have a few damaged pores on my cheek and upper lip from squeezing there any way i can repair them ? also ,... READ MORE

Lubriderm Advance Therapy Contains Retinyl Palmitate - Is This Safe in Pregnancy?

As ingredient - topical retinyl palmitate is present in lubriderm advanced therapy. I am 20 weeks pregnant and just realized this. Is it safe or... READ MORE

Testogel, Has Made my Nipples Really Big and Hard, I Stopped Taking It Well Over a Year Ago, Will my Nipples Return to Normal?

Hi, was prescribed testogel - Im a woman of 53, sex has always been an issue, history of eating disorders... I was prescribed testogel which I took... READ MORE

Stitch Removal After Accident. How Long Should I Wait?

I had about 20 stitches placed across my eyebrow, intersecting it, Fri morning around 2am at the ER, by a resident doctor. Accident happened Thurs... READ MORE

Asymmetric Sagging Cheeks and Mouth

35/female - significant facial sagging.Sunken/hollow, flat cheeks; much worse on the right side. My mouth also droops. I've had Radiesse - 2... READ MORE

Premature Aging (Age 25) - Options?

Im a 25 year old female but due to stress and sleepless nights with 2 toddlers my skin has deteriorated a lot.I have tired skin especially eyes,some... READ MORE

Female Ejaculation Truth?

Ok I feel weird asking this but I hear so many different things. I want a professional's word. I just really want to know 1. can all females... READ MORE

I Have Sunken Eyes Which Makes Me Look Really Old. Is There Any Natural Treatment?

Hello, i am Anita and i am 15years old. I have sunken eyes which makes me look really old. Is there any natural treatment? cause i am 15, I dont want... READ MORE

Cortisone Injections and Atrophy

I have received cortisone injectiosn for once a month for the last three months. I have recently noticed that the site of the injections are slightly... READ MORE

Abnormal Periods, Hot Flashes, Cramps - Menopause or Something Else?

I am 43 not every night feel like I am burning up take off my covers I cool down then I feel normal again.Hot flashes?Premenopause?My period before my... READ MORE

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