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Help with Excessive Facial Hair?

Is there something wrong with me? I've been struggling with hair on my chin and neck for quite a while now, but now I'm getting hair all over... READ MORE

What is This Itchy Lumpy Temporary Rash All over my Body?

Have been suffering from a body rash. Started near 3rd DEC. Appears majorly on back, stomach, h&s, thighs & lower neck. Minor eruptions on... READ MORE

I Have Used Dettol on a Mosquito Bite and Now my Cheek is Burning. What Should I Do?

I applied Dettol after being numerously bitten by mosquito on the same place. I couldn't take it cause it was so itchy then I applied Dettol. The... READ MORE

Have my Wisdom Teeth Made my Face Thinner?

Hi all, I want to know if the wisdom teeth extraction makes the face shape thinner? Since i got this medical intervention (4 months ago, 3 teeth out),... READ MORE

Thin Face - Will My Face Become Wider if I Gain Weight?

I am 19 years old body . with 15-20 KG underweight . I have thin body , Also I have thin face ( it's wide is less than avarage face ) , I want to... READ MORE

Alcohol-Induced Facial Vasodilation - Good or Bad for Aging?

So, there is a substantial body of evidence that a light amount of alcohol regularly can reduce risk for CHD. On the point of alcohol's affects on... READ MORE

How to Care for a Facial Laceration Immediately After Suture Removal?

Following an injury,I had 11 facial sutures removed yesterday (after 4 1/2 days). For the 4 1/2 days prior,using sterile q tips, I cleaned the sutures... READ MORE

Bad Complexion - What Will Help?

Okay so i have big pores and my skin just isnt smoothe. i want a clear complexion. i dont exactly know how to explain but i just dont have smoothe... READ MORE

How to Care for Face After Stitch Removal?

I recently had stitches removed from my face. I've heard mixed suggestions on aftercare. Two days after the stitches came out I began to wash and... READ MORE

Will a Galvanic Spa Help Remove Small Calcium Deposits on my Face?

I have small rocks, like calcicum deposit on my face and I want to know if that will work? READ MORE

Why Do Athletes Have Defined Faces?

Does anyone know why sports people have more toned, defined faces? i mean to me that means that you can tone your face muscles same way you do with... READ MORE

I Am Always Fat in the Face, but Not in my Body?

Every day I wake up and my nose is big, my face looks fat and my lips are puffy. It goes away in the evening. Also I'm generally fat in the face, big... READ MORE

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