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Post-op Hair Transplant - Hair is Falling Out After Washing - Normal? (Photo)

My hair is falling off after washing as attached picture.my question it is normal or my implemented graft is falling READ MORE

Is it possible to wash away hair follicles on day 3 post hair transplant operation?

Hi there I'm on day 4 post op. I'm a bit worried that I may have lost some hair grafts. I didn't shower until day 3. I initially applied the lotion,... READ MORE

Hair fall after hair transplantation. Any suggestions?

I made a hair transplantation in two weeks before. I have one doubt, the transplanted hair is automatically fall out or the hair will fall out by head... READ MORE

is it normal, that my hair fell out after 10th wash? (Photo)

I went to istanbul for hair transplant, which was a good experience. but the after 7th wash was the scab still there. My Dr advised me to use the... READ MORE

4 days post op Strip HT 8000 hair transplant. How does it look? (photos)

Hey everyone! 4 days ago got strip 8000 hairs transplant. Have just washed hairs twice as doesn't wanna risk grafts falling. What do u think from the... READ MORE

It is ok to rub the scraps on the 11th day after hair transplant?

Hi! I had a hair transplant 11 days ago. Today i went to my doctor place to have suture removal. After that, a nurse helped me to wash my head, but... READ MORE

Any suggestions on washing head after Hair Transplant?

Hi Doctors, I had my hair transplant one week ago and my doctor recommended that I start washing lightly tomorrow. However, I have done a lot of... READ MORE

After properly washed my head at 12 th day after hair transplant, 50 percent of grafts fallout, please give me advice. (photo)

Hi I had undergone hairtransplant at 26 th Nov for 2800 grafts, after 6 days my doctor told me to use minoxidil 5 perentage for 2 times, after using... READ MORE

A week after my hair transplant, the scabs were so puffed and risen that I gently took them out. Should I be worried?

I had a hair transplant a week ago and tonight when I washed my hair, the scabs were so puffed and risen that I gently took them out with the tip of m... READ MORE

Tiny hair tips in the drain 5 days post FUT. Is this normal?

I had my FUT 4 days ago and have started washing my head since yesterday. What concerns me however are the very TINY hair TIPS that I saw in the drain... READ MORE

How to wash hair transplant after 70 days?

I got hair transplant before 80 days in beginning doctor was told me just wash hair once a day now I am abroad i didnā€™t aware how to wash hair h... READ MORE

After HT post op queries. Is this normal?

While during head wash I have seen some pale whitish color bulbs with hair,Is it normal condition after Hair Transplantation (FUT)?and may wear hat... READ MORE

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