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Donor area still itching with a lot of red spots 6 weeks after transplant; is this normal? (Photos)

6 weeks after hair transplan my donor area still have red spot and itch as well as still not recover . Also when i wash i see lossing alot of hair ,... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old; can I do hair transplant at this age? Is it a right choice? How many grafts do I need to do? (Photos)

My hair fall start when i was 18 years old , My father has the same pattern(v shape)of hair fall problem.I wanna infrom that my hair have a good... READ MORE

what cause slow hair growth after transplantation?

Sorry for having no photo, so I had hair transplant like 3 years ago but I am so disappointed with the result. it doesn't grow at all. Some... READ MORE

Hairline and hairloss. (photos)

I have spoken to a derm on the phone and sent pictures. They did not seem to tell me the degree of my hairloss or recession. They just insited on... READ MORE

Sebum oily scalp after Hair Transplant, what can I do to treat this?

Hi Any treatment for sebum and oily scalp The scalp is always shiny even after shower and the reason for that is the excessive sebum. This is not a... READ MORE

Is there any necessity for treatment/regular reviews after hair transplant?

I am planning to do the treatment in other country but not sure if any follow up is needed. READ MORE

I am a 20 year old female and have androgenetic alopecia. What are the treatments I can look for? Hair transplant? PRP?

I lose 100 strands of hair daily, when I shampoo it increases to 180-200. I have been having hair loss since I was a teen, it was because of sebum... READ MORE

Scalp smoothness after hair transplant?

Are there ways to enhance the scalp smoothness after hair transplant After 16 months my scalp is not smooth, it is getting better than before but it... READ MORE

Face skin doesn't look natural due to hair taken from beard for scalp transplant. Hairs are falling from donor area? (Photos)

Due to hairs taken for hair transplant from beard my face skin look very unnatural. Also my donor area(scalp) are falling last one months,surgery had... READ MORE

Facial redness (post-traumatic not rosacea)? (Photo)

Still have redness in recipient areas 10 months after a beard transplant. I'v seen a dermatologist for 6 months. Have tried steroids (betamethasone,... READ MORE

I am 29 years old. Wondering if I am the right candidate for a hair transplant or not? (photo)

My hair used to shed the normal amount but i guess they were being actively replaced by new hair. 3-4 yrs ago i started to notice that my hair have... READ MORE

My last hair transplant was in 2008. What can be done about pseudofolliculitis of the scalp? (photo)

I have been diagnosed with pseudofolliculitis in the recipient area and have some hair loss. Dr put me on doxy for 3 weeks, and came back negative for... READ MORE

How to get rid of small lumps in root of hairs after hair transplant 6 years post? (photo)

How to get rid of these small lumps? The performing doc says its not due to surgical mistake, but a reaction due to my skin properties. Not sure if I... READ MORE

Should I consider hair transplant or continue medical treatment at 22? (Photos)

It's been 2 months since I restarted my treatment after a break of about six months (5% minoxidil once a day and Dutasteride 0.5mg twice a week along... READ MORE

My forehead is swollen after 30 days of my hair transplant surgery. Is it normal? Will it affect my transplant result? (Photos)

I have transplanted hair 1 month ago. And my forehead swollen again after 1 month. Please let me know the reason of swelling. Will it affect the... READ MORE

I want to ask about the condition of my hair and how to treat it after I had HT I month ago. (Photo)

I got HT 1 month a go, and my donor area is still red and have itchiness while my transplanted area still get numbness and itchiness. How to get... READ MORE

About a Hair transplant, what would be best for me? (Photos)

Hello Sir My name is Vikram nd I am 24 years old, I lossing my hair since from last 5 year nd no treatment work much on it.. So I am looking forward... READ MORE

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