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Grooming After Hair Transplantation

How long after hair follicular transplantation can one expect beging to use ahair dryer, hair wax/gel, can the hair be straightened, and can it be... READ MORE

Why do doctors recommended using minoxidil (5%) for 6 months for newly transplanted hair?

Why after hair transplant maximum doctors recommended minoxidil (5%) using for 6 months for newly transplanted hair ? If any one can stop using... READ MORE

21 years old receding hairline, what age could I have surgery? (Photo)

I'm self conscious about my hairline as I am 21 & it has receded considerably in the last 3 years, my father is half bald & still has hair on his... READ MORE

Cutting hair after hair transplant surgery?

How long after hair transplant surgery can I cut (carefully) my recipient area with hair trimmer? READ MORE

How many days does it takes to hide Hair Transplant signs?

I am planning to have my hair transplant surgery (strip procedure). I am trying to hide this matter from friends and family members and will rent a... READ MORE

When can a comb be used for newly transplanted hair?

After hair transplantation through FUT method when comb can be use for newly transplanted hair? READ MORE

After how many months can I trim or cut my transplanted hair?

After how many months can i trim or cut my transpalnated hair ? READ MORE

After a Hair Transplant (2 Months) is It Okay to Use Clindamycin and Loprox Shampoo?

Will these topicals do damage to the grafts at two months. Been getting a few white heads and red cysts. would these help control those breakouts?... READ MORE

I had an FUT done. How many days will it take to heal for the donor area?

Hi ,i had an FUT done on 29 nov,2015, my question is how many days will it take for the donar area to heal? Do i have to get the stiches cut off or it... READ MORE

PRP: After Hair Transplant, how often?

Is it ok to take 3-4 prp sessions after hair transplant, one session every 2 weeks to maximize growth? READ MORE

How long after a hair transplant can you begin trading isoretonin (accutane)?

I have had adult acne for many years. I have taken accutane several times in the past with no negative results. I had a hair transplant 8 months ago.... READ MORE

Will Scar Tissue Fill the 10 Mm Hole from Mohs on my Scalp? When Can I Do A Hair Transplant?

How long after Mohs surgery do I need to wait to have a hair transplant where the hair follicles have been excised? READ MORE

Can I take Aspirin Before My Hair Transplant?

Is it ok to use Aspirin before having a hair transplant? If not, how long before the procedure should I stop using it? READ MORE

Growth and maturing of hair post transplant?

Suppose today a new transplanted hair were to pop out of my scalp and take life. How long would it take for this one (new) hair to grow in length as... READ MORE

BBL After Hair Transplants Safe?

I am going to get hair transplants to lower my hairline (4000grafts) and I plan to have a Brazilian Butt Lift 7days after.Would this be safe? Are... READ MORE

How long after a hair-implant can I engage in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training?

I'm about to get a hair implant and the doctor explained the process very well and said I should be able to go back to full physical activity 12 days... READ MORE

I just got a full beard transplant FUT strip. When can I start P90x? Is a month's wait okay?

I wanted to do an exercise called P90x which is a very tough 90 day exercise at home program involving weights, sit ups, push ups, etc. When do you... READ MORE

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