Thick Hair + Hair Transplant

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Can Hair Transplant Improve Hair Density? (photo)

Can HT improve density of areas with thin hair? If yes, by how much? I would like to have the density improved vastly. By vastly I mean to the extent... READ MORE

Is a hair transplant a good option for me? (photos)

I am an 18 year old female and I have naturally thick hair but have always had a sparse, strange hairline. Ideally, i'd like it to be fuller,... READ MORE

Can my hairline be restored and/or possibly lowered a bit with lasting results? (photos)

Is it possible to restore and lower my receding hairline and if so, what procedure would you suggest? At 33 yrs old I still have plenty of thick hair... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a hair transplant and have it immediately unnoticeable? (Photo)

I am a doctor and my work is up close with my patients. I perform wound care, debriding wounds on patient's legs while they are in a chair above me.... READ MORE

4 months post op, my hair color is difference in beard transplant?

Hello, I got beard transplant 4 months ago. The new grafted hairs seem obviously darker and thicker than my beard. This give a really unnatural look... READ MORE

Can a male's thick eyebrow hair be completely shaved off and surgically replaces with thinner and softer hair?

Hi, I have extremely bushy eyebrows and the brow hair is very thick. Can I completely shave them off and get it surgically replaced with thinner hair.... READ MORE

I want a thick beard. What should I do?

Hello there , am 17 years old and i have just blonde and thin beard where there is a forest on ma legs and arms i want a thicker beard... what should... READ MORE

Can the hair above one's ears be used for transplantation?

I have very thick and bushy hair on all sides of my head (except on top). I can easily look like Bozo the Clown. I have had four transplants with hair... READ MORE

The best hair restoration besides tissue ex pander?

Hello, I have super thick hair and I went through depression and put my hair back in a bun very tight. Now I have quasi bald spot around supper thick... READ MORE

How many grafts do I need for a thicker look? (photos)

I'm currently thinking about the possibilty of getting a hairtransplant, I'm not sure of the method so far, as well. I'm just curious how many grafts... READ MORE

Any suggestions for facial hair grow?

I am 32, white male and cannot grow thick hair on my face.Actually my facial hair is really thick and strong on my chin, mustaches and neck but on my... READ MORE

Likelihood of hair growth appearance success?

Once the full 18 months have passed from a hair transplant operation do all implant hair follicles have the same girth, colour and straightness as the... READ MORE

Are my new facial hairs gonna be thicker?

Hi, i would to know how will be the evolution of transplanted hair on the facial area. As my hairs on the donor area looks not as thick as my actual... READ MORE

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