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Can I Receive Someone Else's Hair for Hair Transplant?

Or can get hair from somewhere else other than my scalp? This is for my sideburns and not sure I want my hair's scalp as sideburns! thanks. READ MORE

What is the Maximum Number Grafts That Can Be Done in One Transplant Session?

Fifteen year since my last transplant session. it took 2 or 3 sessions to do approx. 1200 grafts. has the process improved in the last 15 years? READ MORE

How Does a Hair Transplant Work?

I assume hair tranplant surgery is indeed that, surgery. But what are the steps that you go through during hair transplantation? READ MORE

Crown Hair Transplant: How Do You Best Ensure That a Double Whirl is Naturally Recreated?

Recently I had the chance to interact with a few (previous) clients at a hair transplant clinic. While most were happy with their end results (a year... READ MORE

Whats the Best Least Invasive Surgery for Hair Transplantation?

I have very long forehead and used to pull my hair up very strongly so my hair on my forehead has fallen and never grew again and it shows like small... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As Surgery to Install Anchors in the Scalp Where Fake Hair Can Attach?

Is There Such a Thing As Surgery to Install Anchors in the Scalp Where Fake Hair Can Attach? READ MORE

What is the difference between U.S. vs. International Hair Transplant Choices?

Is it worth investigating overseas options for a hair transplant? I guess what I'm asking is this...Are there any technologies or techniques only used... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between F.U.E and U.R.F.U.E in Hair Transplant, if There is a Difference Which Procedure is Better? (photo

Im planning on getting hair transplant, but im still undecided and not sure, im 35yo male not totally bald but with very thinning hair started in my... READ MORE

I have visited few doctors, told me about the procedure for hair regrowth by injecting our own blood into scalp. (Photo)

I have visited ADHI chennai, India. They told me about the procedure where blood is taken from our body and activate the blood shells inject into the... READ MORE

How Does a Hair Transplant Doctor Determine How Far to Harvest Above the Occipital Bump?

How Does a Hair Transplant Doctor Determine How Far to Harvest Above the Occipital Bump? READ MORE

Is it Possible to Place Steel Anchors in the Scalp Dermis With Part Extruding Out a Little to Attach Extension?

Is it possible to place steel anchors in the scalp dermis with part extruding out a little to attach extensions? Im not bald but thinning and it if... READ MORE

How Many Grafts and What Technique to Address Temple Scars? (Photo)

About 18 months ago, I had a facelift, which left scars on the sides of my face up to the temple area. I am looking to have a hair transplant, and it... READ MORE

What is The No Touch Auto Inject Technique?

I would like to know more about this technique. Is it successful? READ MORE

Interested in a hair transplant. Every doctor has a different opinion. How come?

I've been to several clinics and have reviewed several clinic websites. I'm confused why there isn't a uniformed opinion on number of grafts needed in... READ MORE

Greasy Scalp, losing hair everyday. What treatment should I be getting? (photos)

Hi, I am a 26 years old guy. I have been loosing hair regularly for the last few years. I am now very worried because it has reached alarming stage. I... READ MORE

Which hair transplant method, how many grafts and what would my prognosis be? (Photo)

I am 40 years old male, European descent, only my maternal grandfather went bald, all the other men & women have thick, full hair into their 70s.... READ MORE

I'm 28 yrs old, have baldness from six years..I want a dense look. Any suggestions? (photo)

How many grafts should I go for and which technique.. Fut or doctor said 4000 grafts .other said 2500..plz suggest. READ MORE

Can i get the hairline as shown in the 1st pic (in sunglasses). (photos)

1)Hairfall since last 8 years,2)Using minoxidil of different brands but not satisfied. 3)hair is thin on the side part of my head, especially right... READ MORE

How much will the surgery cost?

What is the cost for both hair transplant technique? READ MORE

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