Swelling + Hair Transplant

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How many days does it takes to hide Hair Transplant signs?

I am planning to have my hair transplant surgery (strip procedure). I am trying to hide this matter from friends and family members and will rent a... READ MORE

Are Steroid Injections A Good Option To Address Swelling After Hair Transplant?

Can you safely reduce massive swelling in transplanted areas with steroid shots without hurting the hairs? READ MORE

Infection and bleeding in the transplanted region 2 months post FUT. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I went FUT on Feb26.Its been 2months now. I still have bleeding, swelling,infection and itching.I shampoo everyday and keep the scalp clean. Is it... READ MORE

Swelling years after hair transplant? (photos)

I am 5 years post my hair transplantation. I still have some swelling (see pictures) My hair restoration surgeon does not recognize the swelling so... READ MORE

Is it normal for the hairline to look this uneven because of the swelling after hair transplant surgery?

This is a day after hair transplant surgery, the team that performed the surgery told me that it was normal for the new hairline to look uneven... READ MORE

Is it OK getting mild swelling after 3 months of hair transplant on transplanted area? (photos)

Hi everyone..i got 2500 grafts transplanted in late December 2014. Its been 3 months now since everything was fine but suddenly today (30th march,... READ MORE

I have swelling after beard transplant. Is this normal? (photos)

Hello, I got beard transplants 1.5 month ago, and; my. cheeks are still a little dropped and swollen. Can it be normal, or should I suspect a facial... READ MORE

Does my hair transplant look filled in enough? (Photo)

Hello there. I'm wondering if my hair transplant looks normal for slightly shedding or if it looks not filled in enough? Also Please tell me what to... READ MORE

Swelling on forehead. Any suggestions?

After 16 days of hair transplant I start having swelling on my forehead above eyebrows, nd my doc advice to apply ice pack on it, I m on 20 th day nd... READ MORE

I had a FUE hair transplant. I was give an anti-inflammatory injection immediately after surgery and was instructed to take 4?

I had a FUT hairtransplant, I was give an anti-inflammatory injection immediately after surgery and was instructed to take 4 pills of Prednisone, 5 mg... READ MORE

Hair Transfer After Lateral Brow Lift

How soon is it possible to have a hair transplant to the temporal sides of the face after a lateral brow lift? After 5 months post op, it is obvious... READ MORE

I did my beard transplant about a month and a half ago and still have redness. There is now swelling or pain or pimples

Just simple redness ..It is fading but very very very slowly .. WHat are my options ? Thank you for YOur answers .. READ MORE

Does my hair transplant look okay - 5 days post op? (photos)

I am a little worried about some white thinks on my hair...also I have some swelling on my eyes...i wash my hair 3 times a day with special shampoo READ MORE

Swelling near hairline after 8 months of hair transplant. Surgeon not convinced that it is swelling. Need help.

I got a hairtransplant in december 2014 (2500 grafts with FUE). Recently, I consulted my doctor regarding my swelling(which i feel actually it is)... READ MORE

Slight swelling and redness in recipient area. Is this normal? (photo)

Is it normal to have slight swelling and redness in recipient area,when i press this area with my finger there will be depression and changing color... READ MORE

Feel dry and itchy scalp, any help?

1day post operation the doctor removed the donor area wrap, and told me no need to cover it, also he didnt give me head band and now i got swelling in... READ MORE

Swelling of face after hair transplant?

I had hair transplant surgery on 18th & 19th Feb. As I had grade 7 baldness, doctor decided to get hairs from my beard. I had about 6000 grafts... READ MORE

I have slight swelling and pain in my right temple 2 month post hair transplant. Any suggestions?

The pain i couldnt feel unless today when i pressed the region and visualized a little swelling is it normal. Is it normal phenomenon or do i need to... READ MORE

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