Sideburns + Hair Transplant

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Can I Receive Someone Else's Hair for Hair Transplant?

Or can get hair from somewhere else other than my scalp? This is for my sideburns and not sure I want my hair's scalp as sideburns! thanks. READ MORE

What to Do with Bald Patch After Facelift?

I have a bald patch above my ear and slightly in front of each. Its like the sideburn is higher and almost gone. I had a very weak hairline before my... READ MORE

I Am Getting an Fue Sideburn Enhancement, 100 Hairs 50 on Each Side; Will They Be Natural in Appearance?

I am going to have an FUE procedure done to enhance my sideburns, I eventually want to have my nw 2 hairline repaired as well ( not quit ready to make... READ MORE

Successful Hair Transplant with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia?

I have a great head of hair except in the front and sideburns (receding and thinning) and eyebrows. Am I a candidate for hair transplant? READ MORE

Pimple like bumps on the grafted hairs after beard transplant. What are they?

Hello, I have a beard transplant surgery 11 days ago. The procedure i went under was FUT. The hairs were taken from back of my head and were implanted... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical way to increase my beard hair?

I am 22 years old and seek to have more beard hair. I have a lot of hair on my beard except on the side burns and half of my cheeks. I have a lot of... READ MORE

How long does it take for side burns to look darker after a beard transplant?

Hello. I had a beard transplant about a week ago, I had my side burns full covered.. but with the transplanted hair it does not look as strong or dark... READ MORE

Mustache transplant gone wrong. Need advice.

I done a mustache transplant 3yrs ago. One of the greatest mistake in my lyf. Most of the hairs are sticking out and some are follicles with two hair.... READ MORE

Sideburns hair transplant with active Lichen Planopilaris (Photo)

8 years ago I had a HT for AGA and shortly after noticed LPP symptoms (in retrospect). 1 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with LPP and put on HCQ etc. 1... READ MORE

I am a male with hair transplant concerns. Any suggestions?

After a rhytidectomy I underwent electrolysis to reshape my beard line around my ears. It turned out to be aggressive and my entire sideburn area on... READ MORE

Why is it so hard for a Hair Transplant Dr to do Side Burn transplants correctly?

I've had 2 FUE procedures now and both times the doctor has failed to create natural looking sideburns. She can't get the angle right so it looks... READ MORE

I had an FUT HT to my sideburns area 7 months ago. Can pitting and cobblestoning be improved? (photo)

I have severe pitting and cobblestoning .what are my options towards maximum improvment.if i remove these hairs should it remove the pitting and... READ MORE

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