Sideburns + Hair Transplant

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Can I Receive Someone Else's Hair for Hair Transplant?

Or can get hair from somewhere else other than my scalp? This is for my sideburns and not sure I want my hair's scalp as sideburns! thanks. READ MORE

What to Do with Bald Patch After Facelift?

I have a bald patch above my ear and slightly in front of each. Its like the sideburn is higher and almost gone. I had a very weak hairline before my... READ MORE

I Am Getting an Fue Sideburn Enhancement, 100 Hairs 50 on Each Side; Will They Be Natural in Appearance?

I am going to have an FUE procedure done to enhance my sideburns, I eventually want to have my nw 2 hairline repaired as well ( not quit ready to make... READ MORE

Successful Hair Transplant with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia?

I have a great head of hair except in the front and sideburns (receding and thinning) and eyebrows. Am I a candidate for hair transplant? READ MORE

Pimple like bumps on the grafted hairs after beard transplant. What are they?

Hello, I have a beard transplant surgery 11 days ago. The procedure i went under was FUT. The hairs were taken from back of my head and were implanted... READ MORE

How long does it take for side burns to look darker after a beard transplant?

Hello. I had a beard transplant about a week ago, I had my side burns full covered.. but with the transplanted hair it does not look as strong or dark... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical way to increase my beard hair?

I am 22 years old and seek to have more beard hair. I have a lot of hair on my beard except on the side burns and half of my cheeks. I have a lot of... READ MORE

Sideburns hair transplant with active Lichen Planopilaris (Photo)

8 years ago I had a HT for AGA and shortly after noticed LPP symptoms (in retrospect). 1 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with LPP and put on HCQ etc. 1... READ MORE

Mustache transplant gone wrong. Need advice.

I done a mustache transplant 3yrs ago. One of the greatest mistake in my lyf. Most of the hairs are sticking out and some are follicles with two hair.... READ MORE

I am a male with hair transplant concerns. Any suggestions?

After a rhytidectomy I underwent electrolysis to reshape my beard line around my ears. It turned out to be aggressive and my entire sideburn area on... READ MORE

Why is it so hard for a Hair Transplant Dr to do Side Burn transplants correctly?

I've had 2 FUE procedures now and both times the doctor has failed to create natural looking sideburns. She can't get the angle right so it looks... READ MORE

I had an FUT HT to my sideburns area 7 months ago. Can pitting and cobblestoning be improved? (photo)

I have severe pitting and cobblestoning .what are my options towards maximum improvment.if i remove these hairs should it remove the pitting and... READ MORE

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