Scarring + Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant for Patients with Scarring Alopecia?

If one has scarring alopecia doesn't that make you a candidate for a hair transplant? Scarring spots occurred with a break out from Lupus-related to... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For a Hair Transplant Where I Have Scarring From an Accident? (photo)

I got into an accident 10 years ago, which caused scarring around my front hairline. Ive been wearing my hair parted to the side to cover up the scar... READ MORE

I Have Been Experiencing Central Centrifugal Scarring Alopecia for the Past 2-3 Years. (photo)

I Am Being Treated but with No Results? The disease has progressed rapidly over the past year and I continue to lose chunks of hair. I have been on... READ MORE

Hair transplant donor scar?

I would like to shave my head. Is there any way I can fix/camouflage the scar? READ MORE

What Are Hair Transplant Procedures for Treating Male Alopecia?

Are the options for men the same as women for alopecia? What options are there for limiting the visible scars? READ MORE

Hairline Advancement Procedure complications (Photo)

1) I feel my hairline is too low. 2) The portion of the scalp that was stretch forward has shed most of the hair follicles. 3) There’s a very n... READ MORE

Hair transplant over a scar?

I had stitches near the front of my head about an inch or 2 long. When I got them removed I was left with a bald spot. I was wondering if it is... READ MORE

Should I go for a Hairline Lowering or Hair Transplant?

I really want to go for a hairline lowering but I'm scared of scarring.( By the way I don't suffer from hair loss, my forehead size is due to genetics) READ MORE

How soon second hair transplant.

My transplant has been a failure so far. No growth at 7 months. Assuming I have no further growth, is it worth it to try another doctor, or do some... READ MORE

Need a hair transplant, I'm not happy at all about my current appearance. Donor area is nearly depleted. What do I do? (Photos)

I'm a 30 yearl old male who's had 5 FUT procedures of 4500 grafts. I'm extremely not happy about the current results. A very reputable FUE surgeon... READ MORE

Hair Transplant Scarring? (photos)

I'm planning on having a very small amount of grafts transplanted from the back of my head to cover a chin implant scar and a slight asymmetry in my... READ MORE

Beard (facial hair) transplant. So I am 5 months post-op and I am unhappy with the density. Options?

Also my beard transplant gave me tiny hole scars. I am little confused to go for another one worrying i could get more scars. My question is what if i... READ MORE

Can I use body hair to cover the scar and fill up in between the fallen transplanted hair?

My FUT did not go well and the transplanted hair is also gone almost, i hate the concept of living on tablets for the rest of my life but i don't mind... READ MORE

Hairline lowering surgery or hair transplant? (Photos)

I have been trying to make up my mind if I should go for hairline lowering surgery or having a hair transplant to reduce the size of my forehead? I... READ MORE

Best treatments to halt LPP (scarring hair loss)?

First of all thank you to Dr. Rassman for responding to my earlier question. My problem now is knowing what treatments to try to stop my hair loss so... READ MORE

After 15 days of hair transplantation surgery my head severely infected by chicken pox.scars hair with roots pulling out(photos)

Im 31 years of age had a hair transplant surgery in April 1st 2016. Following 15th April got severely infected by chicken pox.. . with pox scars hair... READ MORE

Red spots in area of hair transplant. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I had a red scar on the area of transplanted hair. And one appears every four or five days. Its been around 25 days post transplant and the first spot... READ MORE

Does hair transplantation leave permanent scars?

I'd love a full head of hair, but the next best option for me is a shaved head. I'm worried that if I get transplants and I'm unhappy with the result,... READ MORE

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