Scar Tissue + Hair Transplant

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Hiding Scar Through Hair Transplant?

How long do I have to wait before I can get hair transplant over a recently excised 0.6 cm pox scar in my cheek, in an attempt to cover the scar? READ MORE

I've Had a Hair Transplant on my Head, How Can I Reduce The Scar Tissue That Resulted?

I now have a "ridgeline" across the front of my hair where they implanted the hair. I'm guessing this is scar tissue? Any ideas on how... READ MORE

19 days ago FUE 1000 grafts on forehead. Now hyperpigmentation and scar tissue. What to do?

As per above, my doctor says this is normal and just a hyperpigmentation. but my forehead is very blakish, brownish, blotchy and bumpy. Most of the... READ MORE

How do a deal with a ridge of raised skin from a hair transplant? (photos)

I had an HT two years ago and the Dr. went down too far on my forehead. I then had repair work a year ago to extract some of those hairs and create a... READ MORE

Does Minoxidil increase the survival rate of hair transplanted into scar tissue?

A surgeon suggested me to use minoxidil 2 weeks prior to my hair transplant surgery. But I remember another physician told me long time ago that... READ MORE

What is the best option for large size scalp scar due to Hair transplant plant necrosis? (Photos)

Greetings, I have done Hair transplant surgery, the next day I had necrosis in large area. It took time to peel off and heal, and now its scar tissue... READ MORE

Is coarse and stiff hair bad for hair transplant into scar tissue?

Doctors say my hair is really coarse. I also notice that my hair is much stiffer and darker than other people's hair which has the same coarseness of... READ MORE

I had eyebrow hair surgery 2006, 2012 & Jan 2015. Now have chronic tingling burning pain since. (photos)

Feelings are chronic since November and felt allday whereas mornings I hardly felt before using meds. Why did feelings stop and get worse? Could it... READ MORE

Follow-up question: how successful is hair transplant on scar tissue?

Now, I would rather avoid tissue expansion with balloon & skin excisions due to long course treatment and social and work life impact. My question,... READ MORE

Hair transplant on scar tissue? (Photo)

I have a round scar on top of my head which was caused by ringworm, which left a scar on my head where there's no hair growth now. A surgeon said that... READ MORE

Did I lose some FUT graphs here? (photos)

I had a small transplant on a piece of facial scar tissue six days ago. I put some aloe vera gel the last couple days to help with the scabs. When I... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the shinny scar tissue which is caused by the plugging transplanted hair? (photos)

Hi doctor how can I get rid of the skin scar tissue which is caused by the plugging the transplanted hair on the side temple corner and now I have a... READ MORE

Regrowth time for facial hair transplant into scar tissue? (Photo)

I has a facial hair transplant into an area of scar tissue below my right nostril about 5 months ago. I have see a few (~4) hairs regrow at this... READ MORE

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