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Hair Transplant Scar - Always Big and Ugly?

I've read a bunch of hair transplant forums that talk about awful & ugly scars from hair replacement surgery. Is getting a bad scar a real risk or... READ MORE

I Have a Scar About an Inch or So on the Side of my Head How Can I Get Hair Back There?

I havent grew hair there in a couple years i like to get my hair cut short so how do i go about this and whats the cost? Can i? Thanks READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Scar Removal After Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had a hair transplant four years ago of roughly 3000 grafts - 1500 grafts for each temple. The growth was poor, and I'm now left with scaring in... READ MORE

How to deal with the scar on the back after hair transplant, especially during healing period?

I am seriously thinking of getting hair implant. My concern was how to deal with the scar in the back. I work in an office where wearing hat is not... READ MORE

Limitations of Hair Transplant?

I have a 2 cm. linear scar within my beard as a result of a mole removal I had last year. Can I get hair transplant over this type of scar? Does the... READ MORE

HT Scar advice, desperately needed please! (Photo)

Hi, Stupidly 2 years ago, I got a HT which left me with a scar, ear to ear and live with it every day, either by wearing hats or bandanas as the hair... READ MORE

Will my hair grow back after stitches?

I fell and had to get stitches( 4) about a month ago ...the scar is there which I'm not bothered about but the hair around it hasn't grown back so... READ MORE

8 days post op, I have white bulbs on my scalp. And they are itchy, swollen, and sore. Is this normal? (photos)

Following Dr Rashid's request i have included pics of the whitish bulbs on my scalp. I am now 8 days post surgery, and the recipient areas are... READ MORE

Post-hair transplant donor area hair loss. Can I have a second transplant surgery? (Photo)

I had hair transplant surgery 10 months ago, in the third week i lost alot of hair under FUT scar, the hair was falling with scabs that formed on... READ MORE

Infected Donor Scar. How will this affect the healing process of donor area? (photos)

Hello, I am now 8 days post op where I underwent FUT procedure (4,157 grafts) at the MHTA clinic. My donor area scar was infected despite thoroughly... READ MORE

I removed a scab mixed with dry blood 10 days after my surgery. It seems like a scar on my head. Did follicles come out? (Photo)

It appears that the area is still slightly bloody follicles came out that looks like a tiny hole as you can see in the picture and im wondering if... READ MORE

How Long After Facelift Surgery Can I Get a Hair Transplant into Facelift Scars?

Hello, I am scheduled to have hair transplant surgery nine weeks after facelift surgery. Is this too soon to have hair transplanted into the scars?... READ MORE

Hair Transplant incision and scaring?

What kind of donor site incision wound can be expected from a hair transplant? What can be done to minimize scarring or prepare for the procedure? READ MORE

Hair transplant on face scar? Can I have a beard to hide the scar? (Photo)

I have an scar on my left jaw i want to put the hair on my scar so will it possible to put hair so i can have beard to hide the scar hair will come on... READ MORE

It's been 9 months, & i'm totally not optimistic. What should I do? (photo)

Completely disappointed and i really don't know what to do anymore? I thought that after i got a hair transplant it will create a bit coverage,... READ MORE

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