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Can Rogaine harm healthy hair?

I feel after 1 year experience of rogaine when you apply it in your head it affects the phase from all hair, including those which are healthy! Thats... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Hair Transplant? What If I Don't Have Enough Donor Hair in the Back?

1. I have long hair (Asian, 28, Male), that is thinning and shortening (progressive MPB). If I get a transplant in the future, will the transplanted... READ MORE

What are the risks of having facial hair transplant?

I'm having a facial hair transplant with approx 1600 graphs being transplanted from my head to my moustache and beard area. Anyone had this procedure... READ MORE

Propecia and fertility. Does propecia lower fertility?

I am losing hair at my crown and think only propecia will prolong it. However i do not want to take it if there is any risk to my fertility. I have... READ MORE

5.5 months post op, I'm afraid that my hair transplant might be growing poorly. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello. I had a hair transplant approximately 5.5 months ago, on May 21st... The grafts per cm that were surgically implanted were about 72 grafts/cm,... READ MORE

Can General Anesthesia 6-8 Weeks After a Hair Transplant Influence Hair Growth?

I'm planning a chin implant and liposuction. I believe it could be done in local anesthesia as well but I'd probably prefer general anesthesia... READ MORE

Hair Transplant- Shock Loss? (photos)

Does placing donor hair close to or around other hairs (that will potentially fall out) increase the risk that both the native hair and donor hair... READ MORE

Topical Retin A and Hair Transplantation?

Hi. I am considering a HT. I have used in the past topical 5% minoxidil followed by application of Retin-A cream 0.1% to aid absorption . Does the use... READ MORE

Hair shock loss after hairline lowering is the same that can occur after hair transplantation? (photos)

I am a female that has always had a big forehead but I am too afraid of permanent shock loss after hairline lowering, so I've started researching hair... READ MORE

Can nerve damage be a side effect of hair transplant procedures, and, if so, to what extent?

I recently read a woman's review here on realself about how she got permanent nerve damage from a Juvederm injection to the cheek and is in writhing... READ MORE

What can go wrong with Hairline Transplant Grafts?

My mother said that a risk with transplant grafts is that they may or may not take. I have yet to read any bad experiences like that for the hairline,... READ MORE

BBL After Hair Transplants Safe?

I am going to get hair transplants to lower my hairline (4000grafts) and I plan to have a Brazilian Butt Lift 7days after.Would this be safe? Are... READ MORE

It is ok to rub the scraps on the 11th day after hair transplant?

Hi! I had a hair transplant 11 days ago. Today i went to my doctor place to have suture removal. After that, a nurse helped me to wash my head, but... READ MORE

How long does hair transplant last ? What if I lose them again ?

Dear valuable doctors. I have been to a 3000graft hair transplantation last year and now i have some anxieties about losing it. It there any risk that... READ MORE

Candidate for Hair Transplant to crown? I've had a consultation, he recommended 2000 grafts, risk perm. shock loss? (photos)

I'm 30 years old, I have been on finasteride and minoxidil for 10 months. I've seen minor improvement but not what I'm hoping for. My family history... READ MORE

Is it pointless to get a hair transplant if you can't take propecia for health reasons?

Propecia is too risky for me after having had male breast cancer. Rogaine has mixed reviews that indicate it could make it worse and even cause your... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Strip or Fue?

For Norwoods type 3 baldness pattern I have been advised 2000 grafts through strip. Are strip results better or should I get FUE. My consulting... READ MORE

Will smoking 4 of 5 cigarettes a day effect my Hair Transplant 1 week post?

I want to know that if I smoke 4 or 5 cigarrets a day after hair transplant. Will it effect my the hair growth of transplanted hair? I am trying to... READ MORE

I had a hair transplant 8 months ago. It is safe if my hair is combed roughly?

I had a hair transplant 8 months ago. I had a hair cut today at barbershop. The girl that cut my hair she is not gentle. She combed my hair so rough... READ MORE

Minoxidil with 0.01% Retinoic acid 2 months after hair transplant

Hello everyone. I am 2 months post HT. Prior to HT I was on regime of Minoxidil with 0.01 % of retinoic acid which I felt was excellent compared to... READ MORE

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