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Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

I had a hair transplant of about 2,600 follicular unit extraction (FUE) grafts Nov 08. New hair is now visible in the frontal area, but it is sparse... READ MORE

Why Didn't Hair Transplant Work?

After receiving 1000 follicular units to my hairline 14 months ago, nothing has grown in. In fact, I continue to recede. During this time, I was put... READ MORE

I smoked right after transplant have I ruined the new hair or will the results be bad? (photo)

I smoked pretty much straight away normally for two days after surgery but then cut down and used a e light fake cigarete. could i have damaged the... READ MORE

Any Suggestions For Diet To Help Hair Transplant Results?

Hi i had hair transplant 5 month ago.i am 17 year old. my hair not lost. i'm tie a turban that's why my side hair are gone. that's why i... READ MORE

What to expect at 7 months of hair transplant?

I have underwent 2500 grafts hair transplant 7 months back but after 7 months i am not satisfied with the results.hairs are growing but not dense what... READ MORE

Does second/revision hair transplant surgery boost the result of first surgery?

I had a surgery about 12 months ago (4500 grafts). After 10 months there was no growth and i decided to have the second surgery with the same clinic.... READ MORE

Hit on the head. Would it do any damage to the transplanted area if it happened 30+ days after the surgery?

Would some minor hit or a small impact on the transplants area do any damages or effect the results if happened 30+ days after the surgery? READ MORE

Hair transplant 6 months ago. Do you think my results are good? (Photo)

Its been 6 months since i got fut procedure done....i am currently taking no medicines....and also i stopped taking minoxidil as it caused itching on... READ MORE

Hair Transplant; what the max amount of grafts that can be placed?

Hello, I was wondering what the max amount of grafts that can be placed in total regardless of the amount of sessions needed (including FUT and FUE... READ MORE

First time transplant patient. When will I achieve my final results?

I am proceeding into my 10th month post surgery. I am curious to know whether 10 months is an accurate indicator of the final result? From the looks... READ MORE

If I get a hair transplant and decide I do not like the results, can the implanted hairs be removed?

What are the different options available to have the transplanted hairs removed? After all, the transplanted hair is permanent, that is a good thing... READ MORE

I'm 45 days post hair transplant. Do my results look good? (Photo)

Hello all hope u r all fine n enjoying winters. I m posting my one n half month pic. (45days) after hair transplant, your opinions plz. Thanks n Regards READ MORE

Will Foot Surgery w/ Local Anesthesia Ruin Hair Transplant?

I had hair transplant surgery in July of 2010. I will be having foot surgery with local anesthesia in June of 2011. Will this ruin my hair transplant? READ MORE

Should I continue at the same hair clinic or try a different one? I'm not fully satisfied with my results. (Photo)

I'm 26 (supposed to be completely bold by now) had 2 transplant procedures done in Cairo, Egypt in 9-2011(1,400 Hair Graft Follicles) & 7-2012(1,300... READ MORE

How much time does it take to get full results after a hair transplant surgery?

Hey, it's been 8 months since my surgery, and the hair grew a little bit but it's still looks like I'm bald, because it's still thin.. so how much... READ MORE

Are these hair transplant results achievable? (Photo)

Hello! I am interested in hair transplants in the future and wanted to know if my expectations can be achieved. I have included pictures with markings... READ MORE

Can stress affect the results of a hair transplant?

Dear doctor, i am having my hair transpant in a week and today I found out that there will be some changes around my workplace (some people might have... READ MORE

Time and Hair Growth of Transplant?

Dear Doctors, I had a hair transplant 3 months ago and I am not seeing any hair growth. Should I be alarm or is it too early for results? Thank you, JC READ MORE

Bad crusting 1 month post op? (Photos)

I am 1 month and 10 days post ops. I am very itchy and crusting at the top of my head. I am currently overseas for 2 months, does it look bad, will... READ MORE

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