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Best Laser Treatment for Scar Removal After Hair Transplant? (photo)

I had a hair transplant four years ago of roughly 3000 grafts - 1500 grafts for each temple. The growth was poor, and I'm now left with scaring in... READ MORE

How Many Total Grafts Are There (Under the Occipital Bump) in the Safe Donor Area at the Back of the Head?

Is It Possible to Remove Every Single Graft from the Safe Donor Area with Repeated FUE Sessions? READ MORE

What is Best Way to Remove Grafts Without Causing Scarring from Hairline? 800 Grafts Were Used (photo)

Little density since procedure and further recession. Some larger grafts placed too close to hairline and in hairline and others misangled where looks... READ MORE

is it possible for hair removal and re transplantation in a different pattern? (Photo)

Hi , i have a double crown ( Double hair whorls ) the one on the right is counter clockwise , the one on the left is clockwise , the big problem in... READ MORE

Can transplanted hair be removed?

I had hair transplanted one year back On front side . My frontal hair line so thin can i remove them by laser or other means without any scars marks... READ MORE

If I get a hair transplant and decide I do not like the results, can the implanted hairs be removed?

What are the different options available to have the transplanted hairs removed? After all, the transplanted hair is permanent, that is a good thing... READ MORE

Synthetic hair implant; need to remove it. Can you help? (Photos)

A year ago, I got my synthetic hair implant in another country clinics, since they really persuaded me to try out their biofiber synthetic hair... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove grafts after an eyebrow transplantation?

Hi. I had eyebrow transplantation 10 days ago. But now i kind of regret about it. Is there a way that grafts could be removed? READ MORE

Strip FUT hair transplantation; can removing the strip of skin and then stitching your scalp together pull on your facial skin?

Can strip fut when removing a piece of skin and then stitching the scalp together pull your facial skin and time in anyway. When the strip wound is... READ MORE

Hair transplant removal

I had HT 3500 fue 3 months ago in front scalp and i regret doing this because i m too bald and i hate the hairline i cannot accept myself with it and... READ MORE

How can bumps be removed after transplant?

Dear doctors i have beared transplant 6 months before now when i shaved my beared area there are small bumps from where the transplanted hair grow.... READ MORE

FUT Hair transplant with dissolvable stitches. How can I remove them?

12 days ago I had a FUT hair transplant. Since the Dr. is not in the same state as me they used dissolvable stitches. They did recommend if I had a... READ MORE

Hi As per the pic, do you think i can remove the transplant hair by laser, electrolysis or FUE? (photo)

 I m thinking to deal with this so slowely remove, watch and treat the skin even if took time, i only see so tiny circles at each follicle so... READ MORE

Can transplanted hair be removed?

In case somone become more bald and end up with the hair transplant only, if he shaved the hair trasnplant, can still be appear as normal, With the... READ MORE

What is the best solution to remove grafts from hairline?

Hi I need to remove some grafts from hairline , the hairline looks so wide and straight, not natural, it should be more steeper, and receded What is... READ MORE

Remove hair transplant after 10 months Hairline ridging and skin dots on each hair. Any suggestions?

I m asking a lot questions here but i do not have expert doctors near me and i m stuck in situation that ruin my life I want to remove the hair as it... READ MORE

Pluggy hair. Is it easy to remove?

After my HT. i deduct some pluggy hair in hairline (graft with 3 hairs or 2 hairs), is it easy to remove them ? READ MORE

Hair transplant removal after 10 months? Reluctant and afraid to make it worse

Hi I met a well known doctor for second opinion after checking my results and my donor area, he accept to remove the hair as it does not look natural... READ MORE

Are these scars (cobblestoning and ridging ) or are they the roots of the hair? (photos)

Hi Can you advise me based on those pictures, what i can do to make the skin smooth again Also the hairline is swallowed at the side I need help and i... READ MORE

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