Red Spot + Hair Transplant

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3 Days Post Op, Is It Normal To Not See Hair In Some Of The Red Spots?

I did a hair transplant 3 days ago, and i i have a question about the planted area which is the frontal area of my head, some of the red spots of the... READ MORE

Post HT, soaked hair in saline, washed w/ shampoo after which I noticed some hair falling off after shampoo & red spots. (photo)

My head still feels itchy after 26 days of ht and noticed red spots as seen in photo. I have these questions lingering in my mind and it'd be great... READ MORE

Is this an infection of a follicle? (photos)

Hi Doctor! I have that red spot on my transplanted area; is it an infection? What is the best treatment? I am 11 weeks post op. READ MORE

Does my hair transplant look filled in enough? (Photo)

Hello there. I'm wondering if my hair transplant looks normal for slightly shedding or if it looks not filled in enough? Also Please tell me what to... READ MORE

I had Hair Transplant roughly 9 months ago and I'm concerned with my appearance/healing progression. 600 grafts in hairline. (ph

First off, the attached pic is my hairline shaved around the problematic area that seems to be healing slowly. The other areas aren't too bad. I... READ MORE

I have red spots on a head. Which one is better hair transplant or non surgical hair transplant? (photos)

Dear doctors, as you answerd to my previuos hair loss question. here is nearable pictures in front thank you for you advises and i have another... READ MORE

Donor area still itching with a lot of red spots 6 weeks after transplant; is this normal? (Photos)

6 weeks after hair transplan my donor area still have red spot and itch as well as still not recover . Also when i wash i see lossing alot of hair ,... READ MORE

Beard hair transplant. Is it normal to have spots where the hairs were grafted? (Photo)

23 days ago i had a beard transplant. There are pinkish and reddish spots on my face where hairs were grafted. Please don't say that i should go to my... READ MORE

Red spots in area of hair transplant. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I had a red scar on the area of transplanted hair. And one appears every four or five days. Its been around 25 days post transplant and the first spot... READ MORE

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